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Injazat to host hybrid cloud platform for Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala group companies

Injazat Data Systems, Mubadala Development Company-Business Management Services MDC-BMS, along with Mubadala Investment Company’s Enterprise Technology Services division, announced Project Tarabot. This is a strategic initiative for building a hybrid cloud Platform in Abu Dhabi for the Mubadala Group of Companies. The hybrid cloud platform will be aligned to the principle of in-country data sovereignty and will involve hybrid cloud technologies from key global vendors.

Project Tarabot will not only enable over 25+ MDC-BMS clients and other Mubadala Group companies to maximise from the hybrid cloud platform, but also allow them to deploy new IT services faster, and expand their scope of services to the end-users in a scalable and efficient manner.

Project Tarabot shall introduce a transparent, consumption based model of Pay As You Go, for platform utilisation, ease the CIOs and IT Heads from making IT related capital expenditure commitments and allow them to focus on delivering business aligned IT strategic initiatives for their respective organisations.

Project Tarabot will be executed in a phased manner over 2018 and 2019. MDC-BMS will lead the IT shared service management functions on behalf Mubadala Group and transition the operational elements to Injazat and leverage the IT services thereof.

In the subsequent transformation phases, the operations shall be on-boarded to hybrid cloud platform that will be based on multi-tenant and scalable architecture. Eventually the platform will on board MDC Group assets and be potentially extended to Abu Dhabi Government public sector entities.

Project Tarabot shall lay a foundation targeting value creation, faster go-to-market and reduction in total cost of ownership for the Mubadala Group by maximising utilisation of the central platform.

Project Tarabot will also facilitate MDC-BMS to expand the shared services offering and help bring in the global partnerships with key global IT vendors for engagements in futuristic technologies like block chain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other capabilities of digitisation for the Mubadala Group.

Injazat Data Systems is an industry recognised market leader in the region for Information Technology, Data Center and Managed Services delivered from the region’s sophisticated and advanced facility, the Tier IV design certified Premier Data Center facility. Injazat serves a diverse range of customers and has developed a broad portfolio of capabilities to successfully address any organisation’s most pressing technology challenges. Injazat supports customers in achieving their vision and allows them to focus on their core business.

Injazat is fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi. Injazat draws on its local expertise and presence combined with several global technology partnership networks to develop market leading services.

Commenting on how Project Tarabot is advancing efficient technological solutions in Abu Dhabi, Khaled Al Melhi, Chief Executive Officer of Injazat, said: “Project Tarabot demonstrates how this partnership with MDC-BMS and Mubadala will foster the implementation of advanced technologies to enable organisations to function more efficiently — in terms of time, resources and finances. At Injazat, we look forward to growing our UAE operations with this partnership that provides many organisational benefits across the Mubadala Group.”

Nasir Al Nabhani, Managing Director of MDC-BMS, said: “This collaboration with Injazat allows the expansion of our shared services to Mubadala Group entities, underscoring the benefits of synergy in technology and sets a new way for provisioning services. When fully operational, Project Tarabot will propel the shared services growth through faster, smoother deployment and in a more efficient way to the Mubadala Group.”

Mansour Al Ketbi, Mubadala Chief Information Officer, emphasised: “As a globally diversified organisation that works across multiple sectors and markets, establishing a standardised delivery mechanism and ability to deploy IT solutions aligned to the agile business needs in a faster way is critical to our success. Project Tarabot is a significant component of this strategy, and it will leverage the expertise from both Injazat and MDC-BMS. We are confident that this initiative will contribute to our ambitious growth plans.”

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