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Scale Computing provides Genting Casinos with scalable infrastructure

Scale Computing provides Genting Casinos with scalable infrastructure

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Scale Computing, a market leader in edge computing and hyperconverged solutions, has announced that Genting Casinos, one of the largest gaming operators in the UK, has selected its HC3 platform for edge deployment across 42 distributed sites.

The company chose Scale Computing’s HC3 platform because it was finding it difficult and complex to manage the 42 casino sites, each of which had their own IT environment consisting of three HP servers and VMware. In addition, the casinos were vulnerable because there was no business continuity or resilience.

By combining servers, storage, hyperconvergence, virtualisation, data protection and data replication into one single and easy-to-use platform, Scale Computing’s HC3 platform delivers the simplicity, scalability and availability required for the distributed enterprise.

Genting Casinos began looking for a robust and resilient solution that provided the ability to manage multiple sites. After researching the market extensively and rejecting a number of alternatives, the company decided to deploy the HC3 platform across the casino sites, with the help of partner, Vohkus. To date, it has been deployed in 23 casinos, with plans for a full scale implementation to be in place by the end of 2019.

“Scale Computing was a perfect fit,” commented Jason Green, Senior Systems Engineer at Genting Casinos. “Its simplicity, availability and efficiency are perfect for any distributed organisation requiring an edge solution.”

Loay Lawrence, Commercial and Communications Director at Vohkus, added: “An edge solution can be challenging for any organisation because it operates away from the main data centre or site. With multiple sites involved it can be difficult to implement a smooth, simple and effective IT strategy. In particular, for Genting Casinos with 42 sites to cater for, this could have been a major challenge. However, Scale Computing’s HC3 platform delivers the required simplicity and is ideally designed for the distributed and branch office.”

Genting Casinos has also benefited from HC3’s added business continuity and data resilience capabilities. Cloning, replication and snapshot features give the company peace of mind with the ability to recover quickly and effectively. Native built-in replication helps to protect all the sites without the need for an additional disaster recovery solution.

“The added data resilience is a major plus,” Green noted. “This is definitely something we would have looked for later down the line.”

Green added: “In terms of price point it was perfect and we have great value for money, with a product that we can trust.”

Johan Pellicaan, VP and Managing Director for EMEA at Scale Computing, commented: “Scale Computing’s HC3 cluster is designed with simplicity, ease of use and high availability at its core, and it is an ideal fit for distributed organisations, such as Genting Casinos, that need an edge solution. We are pleased to have been able to work with the company to provide the benefits they need at a price point that suits its business goals.”

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