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Juniper Networks expert on top to bottom success in the enterprise WAN

Juniper Networks expert on top to bottom success in the enterprise WAN

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Mike Bushong, Vice President, Enterprise and Cloud Marketing, Juniper Networks, discusses enterprise WAN

Mike Bushong, Vice President, Enterprise and Cloud Marketing, Juniper Networks, talks us through the Juniper Networks approach to ensuring top to bottom success in the enterprise WAN.

Multi cloud has changed the world and as much as the transition is impacting the inside of the modern data centre, it is reshaping the networks between them. In championing the migration to multi cloud through 2018, Juniper Networks saw growing momentum for our Contrail Enterprise Multicloud and Contrail SD-WAN solutions.

Given the heavy focus in the industry on automation and overlay (commonly known as SD-WAN), the underlying network (commonly known as enterprise WAN) is often overlooked. Juniper has been delivering solutions for enterprise WAN across private and leased networks that enables a secure, reliable and scalable network underneath SD-WAN.

Juniper Networks published the enhanced Enterprise WAN five-step journey, along with leading thinking about the evolution of routing and securing enterprise networks under the sweeping forces of multi cloud. So let’s peel back the SD-WAN overlay and see how enterprise customers are securing and automating their enterprise WAN with Juniper Networks solutions in four key areas: WAN backbone, data centre interconnect (DCI), public cloud and Internet peering.

Juniper enterprise multi cloud routing top to bottom

Hastily jumping into public cloud or proprietary data centre solutions can encumber enterprises as they move to multi cloud. With multi cloud squarely in Juniper’s enterprise strategy, our goal is a future where enterprises are free to move workloads between clouds with optimal networking and strong security in the overlay and underlay networks – top to bottom. Overlays and underlays are well understood in the data centre but in the WAN, examining and optimising the underlay for the new multi cloud era is not well covered, nor well understood.

Starting at the bottom in the WAN underlay or transport, Juniper’s strength in WAN routing technology and vision is built on a foundation that helps enterprises connect their campuses, data centres and the super-highway of direct connections into public cloud with SDN-based traffic engineering using NorthStar, switches and routers like the MX10003, MX204, QFX10000 and PTX.

On top in the WAN overlay, solving the difficult challenges upfront, Juniper purposely built Contrail SD-WAN to conquer NFV, uCPE and SD-Branch. We are now the provider of the most scalable and versatile secure SD-WAN solution. Best of all, our open standards-based solution bridges seamlessly with WAN backbone routing used in the underlay or traditional multi-vendor routing.

Juniper’s portfolio easily serves the largest enterprises that need to direct the WAN backbone and other underlay routing use cases. It also serves enterprises, big or small, looking for SD-WAN control. And Juniper acknowledges and addresses WAN solutions top to bottom. Furthermore, the WAN overlay solution is only complete with solid SDN overlay control for the data centre interconnect (DCI).

New in multi cloud DCI

SDN inside the data centre was easily the first major use case for more dynamic software control over scale-out switching architectures and plugging into workload orchestration systems. Other use cases found in a DCI involving secure underlay. This could be over internet with IPSEC, over dark fibre with MACSEC and simple DCI. On top of the secure underlay, EVPN gives you the ability to achieve large scale multi-tenancy and workload mobility. Contrail Enterprise Multicloud handles the data centre top to bottom, managing the physical underlay fabric, virtual overlays and security, and can plug into a range of workload orchestration systems.

To bridge the SDN journey between data centres in the WAN, we have now expanded Contrail Enterprise Multicloud for overlay control with standards-based EVPN-VXLAN type 5. The solution to orchestrate L3 DCI is available today and supported with our MX and QFX Series devices.

The new DCI features naturally complement the Contrail Enterprise Multicloud solution inside the data centre and round out our SDN orchestration for enterprises end-to-end and top to bottom.

The enterprise’s reach should exceed its grasp

Enterprises of all sizes need to plan their journey to a multi-vendor multi cloud reality because change is inevitable but network rip-and-replace disruption is not. To this end, Juniper has put together the latest five-step enterprise WAN journey to secure and automated multi cloud.

As enterprises are advancing their multi cloud routing and WAN to develop SD-WAN, DCI, multi cloud transport routing and SDN optimisation, Juniper Networks’ building blocks and commitment to open standards can maintain smooth growth with an evolvable architecture.


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