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Riello UPS announces expansion to its Sentinel Pro range

Riello UPS announces expansion to its Sentinel Pro range

Riello UPS has launched two new rack-mount versions of its popular Sentinel Pro range.

The new Sentinel Rack (SER) 1500 and 3000 ER models are designed to fit into standard 19-inch cabinets and sits at just 380mm deep, making them the ideal solution to upgrade power in environments with 600mm legacy server racks.

Combining compactness with performance, the SER is a single-phase online uninterruptible power supply offers the highest levels of reliability and protection for mission-critical servers, data processing IT systems and telecoms networks.

For applications requiring several hours’ extended runtime, the SER 3000 ER is fitted with its own 6A battery charger and additional battery packs.

The Sentinel Rack incorporates the qualities and features that have made the Sentinel Pro a winner with IT resellers and network administrators.

Offering user-friendly plug and play installation, the rack-mount SER has a power factor of 0.9 and high overload capacity of 150%, while it can handle a range of input voltages from 140 V to 276 V.

Users can also choose from several operating modes such as Smart Active, Frequency Converter, or Eco that enhance UPS system performance and reduce power consumption.

Riello UPS expands best-selling Sentinel Dual (SDU) range

Meanwhile, the company has also announced that it has expanded its Sentinel Dual range with three new models.

The latest additions to the series (SDU 4000, SDU 8000 TM, and SDU 10000 TM) increase the overall power range to 4-10 kVA.

Already extremely popular with IT resellers, the Sentinel Dual range is designed to handle non-linear loads, making it the ideal choice for protecting mission-critical IT networks, electro-medical devices and industrial machinery.

These new versions complement the existing 5, 6, 8, and 10 kVA SDU already available. An additional advantage with the versatile SDU 8000 TM and SDU 10000 TM power systems is that they can run on either a three-phase or single-phase power input.

Another major benefit of the SDU series is that up to three UPS can be installed together using a parallel card to either increase the capacity or add system redundancy. This gives end-users the opportunity to scale their UPS system as and when the time comes for expansion.

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