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FireEye introduces new  solution, partnership and availability on AWS Marketplace

FireEye introduces new solution, partnership and availability on AWS Marketplace

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New cloud-focused capabilities bring best-in-class FireEye threat detection and protection regardless of location, defending increasingly complex hybrid security environments

FireEye, the intelligence-led security company, has introduced new cloud security capabilities, including a strategic partnership with iboss and availability on Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

“The rapid adoption of cloud services has provided organisations with a world of new opportunities. But with new opportunities come new cyberthreats. These days, more than half of the breaches we respond to involve cloud infrastructures,” said Grady Summers, EVP of Products and Customer Success at FireEye.

“We are announcing new capabilities that will empower organisations to protect the assets and workloads they’re running in the cloud. Delivered as a service, our best-in-class threat detection, intelligence and protection are now accessible to any customer regardless of location, whether they’re in the cloud or a hybrid environment. We’re also making our threat detection available to third-parties to aid in the creation of custom web apps, as no two organisations’ paths to the cloud are paved the same.”

The power of FireEye technology and intelligence, extended by the cloud

Cloud-borne threats are unique in their nature. Too often, organisations lack the necessary controls and expertise to extend their visibility and protection across complex multi-cloud infrastructures. These releases extend the power of FireEye technology and intelligence through a cloud-based architecture for scalable detection, centralised visibility, configuration monitoring and user behaviour analytics.

Working seamlessly, these capabilities empower organisations to identify advanced attacks that bypass traditional defences. Moreover, FireEye now offers protection for virtually all common deployment scenarios, including inline and passive, on-premises, hybrid and virtual.

The FireEye Cloud Security Solution includes capabilities accessible through new cloud versions of FireEye Network Security, new Detection On Demand, a new secure web gateway offering with iboss, as well as the enhanced FireEye Helix security operations platform.

Securing from the cloud with FireEye Detection On Demand

For organisations looking to analyse untrusted content for potential threats, FireEye Detection On Demand offers a cloud-native service that provides a flexible and easy way to pinpoint file-borne threats.

Detection On Demand can be integrated into custom applications, utilised in third-party technology, or used on a standalone basis.

Similar to other FireEye solutions, Detection On Demand is designed to provide customers with detailed information as to why the content has been flagged as malicious, using insights gained from FireEye Threat Intelligence experts.

This gives organisations the information needed to best know how to remediate malicious content. With its flexible deployment options, Detection On Demand allows customers to apply FireEye leading threat detection capabilities in conjunction with existing third-party, as well as FireEye business critical security tools.

For developers, FireEye also announces the newly launched Developer Hub, which makes FireEye leading capabilities such as Detection On Demand accessible as a flexible and scalable security layer that can be applied to any cloud application or service.

FireEye Detection On Demand is available as a yearly subscription on AWS Marketplace.

Further securing the cloud with FireEye Network Security on AWS

For enhanced threat protection and data breach prevention in any virtual cloud environments, FireEye Virtual Network Security is now available on AWS Marketplace.

The expanded use of decentralised infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platforms has led to new challenges in protecting organisations in the cloud. When faced with new tactics, such as ransomware, web shells and targeted malware, off-premises cloud IT infrastructures often render traditional defences obsolete.

FireEye Virtual Network Security works natively within AWS, allowing customers to extend existing defences into their cloud data centres, while simultaneously adding additional, server-focused protections to their workloads. As a result, organisations are able to analyse and block traffic with the same level of detail as though it were on-premises.

FireEye Virtual Network Security is available as a yearly subscription on AWS Marketplace.

Delivering a secure cloud gateway solution with FireEye and iboss partnership

Customers need protection from more vectors than ever before – on-premises, in the cloud and through SaaS. Further, today’s users are more mobile than ever. That’s why FireEye has partnered with leading cloud security company iboss to introduce a new integrated service available to all customers.

iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security is an advanced threat protection and breach detection solution designed to quickly and easily protect end traffic, users, devices, networks, assets and data from known and unknown threats.

The joint solution combines patented, container-based security from iboss with patented FireEye detection engines and threat intelligence earned from the frontlines of the world’s biggest breaches. iboss supports desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, IoT and mobile devices – including both Windows and Mac.

As a result, customers have the ability to set access policies that follow users and devices wherever they go. Customers can also apply their FireEye protection against today’s most sophisticated and damaging attacks for the best detection capabilities across any device.

By partnering with iboss, FireEye is able to deliver the following customer benefits:

  • Network security protection that follows users
  • SSL traffic inspection and protection at scale
  • Global points of presence
  • Granular control of where user data resides
  • Control of access to cloud applications
  • Extended user access privileges in the cloud

Delivering advanced cloud threat analytics with FireEye Helix

To detect abnormal attacker behaviour and unique threats to AWS and Office 365, FireEye Helix is introducing new data analytics rule packs powered by Mandiant incident response expertise.

Helix augments these capabilities with insights from leading FireEye threat intelligence to further expand the value of the FireEye Cloud Security Solution.

Working together, they help identify prevalent cloud security challenges, such as cloud misconfigurations, credential misuse and password spray attacks, as well as abnormal admin activity and geographic infeasibility. Along with the new single-click cloud onboarding and multi-tenancy capabilities, these enhancements mark a milestone in the evolution of the security operations platform.

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