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Whitepaper offers guidance on next-generation DCIM for Edge Computing

Whitepaper offers guidance on next-generation DCIM for Edge Computing

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Schneider Electric, a leader in Digital Transformation of energy management and automation, has announced a new White Paper #281, ‘Essential Guidance on DCIM for Edge Computing Infrastructure‘, available for immediate download at the Schneider Electric website.  

The paper provides data centre operators, channel partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with best practices for the successful deployment of next-generation Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software in Edge Computing environments.

Using innovative technologies including AI and Machine Learning (ML), these platforms ensure that distributed IT equipment deployed in remote locations, which lack IT staff, are proactively monitored to drive resilience and uptime.

“Next-generation DCIM architectures, such as EcoStruxure IT, utilise data analytics, open APIs and integration with other vendor applications to provide unprecedented insight into Edge and micro data centre environments,” said Kevin Brown, Senior Vice President of Innovation and CTO, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric.

“However, successful DCIM deployments also require organisational buy-in and ongoing cooperation between stakeholders. White Paper 281 emphasises that to extract the full value of DCIM, it is essential that the right processes are in place and that they are adapted as technologies and operations evolve over time.”

DCIM enables greater collaboration and resiliency

Next-generation DCIM platforms are defined by five key attributes, which clearly differentiate them from legacy data centre management systems.

  1. Relies on cloud technologies for ease of implementation, scalability, analytics and maintenance
  2. Connects to a data lake enabling insight and event prediction with AI
  3. Utilises mobile and web technologies and integrates with third party platforms
  4. Prioritises simplicity and intuitive user experiences in its design
  5. Serves as a compliance tool to identify and eliminate potential cybersecurity risks

Through adoption of next-generation DCIM architectures such as EcoStruxure, today’s facility managers can ensure maintenance upgrades and service schedules perform at optimum levels.

EcoStruxure also allows partners and service providers to more easily extend their visibility and manage multiple Edge sites across a larger geographical area; delivering real-time alerts and updates that allow users to proactively mitigate unplanned downtime from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Operations and maintenance (O&M) programs are essential

White Paper #281 also highlights the need for a carefully considered Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program, enabling the software to operate in close collaboration with other similarly structured O&Ms across the Edge Computing environment. This makes maintenance and management more simplified, allowing automated device firmware, bug fixes and security patches to update proactively, in real-time.

Schneider Electric White Paper #281 ‘Essential Guidance on DCIM for Edge Computing Infrastructure‘ is available for free download.

Schneider Electric announces Galaxy VS 3-Phase UPS with internal smart battery modules delivering industry-leading availability and efficiency

Schneider Electric has also introduced the first version of Galaxy VS 3-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with internal smart battery modules. Galaxy VS is a highly efficient, modular, easy-to-deploy three-phase UPS designed to meet the critical power requirements of IT, commercial and industrial facilities.

The new Galaxy VS 10-50 kW with internal smart battery modules improves availability with added battery flexibility and monitoring, redundant battery strings and self-configuration.

It also reduces risks by ensuring that critical loads are always protected with highly predictable runtimes and battery redundancy. It has a compact footprint optimised by integrating batteries in the UPS cabinet, making it ideal for the unique requirements of Edge Computing and critical infrastructures.

The Galaxy VS with internal smart battery modules is available globally except for Greater China and Japan. Depending on power and run time requirements, two cabinet options are available offering 10-50 kW (400V), 10-25 kW (208V) and 20-50 kW (480V).

Start-up service is included to guaranteed optimise system performance, quality and safety. Galaxy VS was first introduced in April 2019 for external batteries supporting 20-100 kW (400V/480V) and 10-50 kW (208V).

“With its impressive efficiency and internal smart battery modules along with being EcoStruxure Ready, the latest Galaxy VS is an innovative and flexible choice for end-users, distributors, partners and integrators in diverse environments, especially edge computing and critical infrastructures,” said Christopher Thompson, Vice President, 3 Phase Line of Business, Schneider Electric.

“By integrating smart features like self-configuring and temperature monitoring, this new Galaxy VS is the optimal choice to achieve increased availability without sacrificing performance.”

Additional Galaxy VS benefits include:

  • Footprint savings: Compact design and full front access for servicing makes it ideal for confined spaces
  • Maximum availability thanks to modular architecture: Critical system components built as modules for faster serviceability and fault tolerance
  • Cost savings: Provides up to 99% efficiency when operated in Schneider Electric’s patented ECOnversion mode, allowing users to recover their initial investment within two to three years through energy savings (model dependent)
  • Increased uptime and simplified maintenance: Critical system components are built as modules with a fault-tolerant design. This provides internal redundancy at reduced load levels and a shorter mean time to repair.
  • EcoStruxure Ready: Makes it easy to manage with global visibility of equipment performance and status supported with a 24×7 expert service bureau using the next generation management software, EcoStruxure IT Expert and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor.

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