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CNet Training offers remote attendance learning experience

CNet now offers a unique remote attendance capability which is delivered using collaboration-enabled facilities within specially designed smart rooms. Remote attendees benefit from the same instructor-led classroom environment in real-time, with the same levels of interaction, collaboration and instructor contact as those who are physically present in the room. Remote attendees effectively sit in the same classroom alongside all the other learners and can therefore see, hear and enjoy the same learning experience. 

The CNet smart rooms are fitted with the latest high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication and collaboration tools that effectively transports the remote attendees into the classroom alongside all other learners. The instructor and all the learners can see and interact with each other in the usual way. The technology also allows remote attendees to participate in one-to-one or group activities and conversations via live virtual breakout rooms.

This new way of learning has many benefits for both the learner and employer; remote attendance programmes remove the need for travel and accommodation and the additional costs associated with this. The programmes are available in time zones across the world allowing learners to choose to take part in the programme from wherever suits them best – this may be at home, a meeting room or facility in their current workplace.

Paul Rivett, CNet’s Operations Director, said: “This new way of learning introduces a much more convenient route to education and professional development where learners choose the time zone they prefer to fit around their work shifts and other commitments. The technology is fantastic, it really does bring the classroom environment to the learner wherever they are and the ability to take part in group exercises and one-to-one discussions ensures constant and positive engagement and the feeling of involvement for all throughout the learning.”

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