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Batelco expands its Cloud Connect Solutions by introducing Google Cloud Interconnect

Batelco expands its Cloud Connect Solutions by introducing Google Cloud Interconnect

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Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunication Company), the leading digital solutions and telecommunications provider in Bahrain, has expanded its cloud connect solutions portfolio with the introduction of Google Cloud Interconnect.

The development strengthens Batelco’s cloud services which also includes AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Express Route and boosts the company’s global connectivity solutions by offering a secure, reliable and resilient network.

Among the benefits of the cloud solutions are reduced network costs, increased bandwidth throughput and a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections, enabling Batelco’s customers to enjoy a consistent and best in class performance.

Google Cloud Interconnect is a dedicated interconnect and provides users with direct physical connections between their on-premises network and Google’s network, allowing the transfer of large amounts of data.  

Chief Global Business Officer, Adel Al-Daylami, said: “As a result of this new offering, customers can be confident that they are utilising highly secure connections, as traffic passes through a service provider with a dedicated connection, enabling our customers to enjoy a private, secure and high-performance connection to multiple cloud platforms. Customers are also able to scale their connection capacity to meet their particular requirements, helping them to achieve their business requirements and support their Digital Transformation.”

Additional benefits to Google Cloud Interconnect, which has become the ‘go-to’ solution to connect premises data centres to Google Cloud, include low latency and highly available connections, enabling users to reliably transfer data between their on-premises and Virtual Private Cloud networks.

Batelco is focused on providing the latest communications technologies and expanding its cloud connect portfolio to meet the growing demand for digital solutions. As part of its efforts, Batelco is continuously building the eco-system for future digital needs, with the launch of Global Zone early in 2019, an important step.

Batelco’s plans are in line with the Kingdom’s plans for improving the national communication infrastructure and in support of the growth of the digital economy and its required ecosystem.

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