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Pure Evergreen provides next generation FlashArray to customers, without disruption

Pure Evergreen provides next generation FlashArray to customers, without disruption

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Pure Storage, the data solutions leader delivering a modern data experience, has announced the availability of its third-generation all-NVMe FlashArray//X. This update to the award-winning FlashArray family provides customers with higher performance and enables faster time-to-market. With the industry-first Evergreen Storage model, customers can enjoy access to continuous innovation from Pure Storage that includes these and future updates to its product and solutions suite. 

“FlashArray//X has been recognised as the industry’s smartest purchase, one that gives enterprise customers a path to better IT operations. Instead of worrying about ageing storage, Pure’s customers always have the most innovative, feature-rich solutions,” said Prakash Darji, General Manager for FlashArray, Pure Storage. “Evergreen is still one-of-a-kind in the data storage world because it allows customers to benefit from future features and innovations from Pure Storage without delays, interruptions or expensive, painful migrations. Customers can rest assured that their investment in Pure’s next generation FlashArray//X, optimised for future updates coming from Purity//FA, will continue to deliver better results than the competition.”

The latest generation FlashArray//X allows customers to accelerate and consolidate database and enterprise workloads, extend them to the cloud and modernise their data protection strategies. All of the enhanced features, functionality and performance of FlashArray//X are also available through Pure as-a-Service utility-based consumption model. Pure as-a-Service offers unified hybrid cloud data services, enabling customers to deploy on-premises, in colocated or hosted environments or in public clouds — all with a unified subscription, common functionality and a full cloud experience.

“Evergreen ensures we have access to the latest and greatest, but what really sets Pure apart as a strategic vendor is its ability to continually innovate new products, solutions and features that drive real results across our business,” said Keith Martin, Senior Director of Cloud Capacity Engineering, ServiceNow. “Whether it’s hardware or software updates, or a complete overhaul to the platform, we know we’re going to be able to take advantage without delay. This, in turn, allows us to innovate at the speed of modern commerce, a decided advantage in a world where real-time has become expectation.”

Benefits of the new FlashArray//X:

Accelerate key applications

  • The new FlashArray//X can drive performance gains up to 25% versus the previous generation FlashArray//X, with updated controllers that feature new Intel Xeon Scalable Processors formerly named Cascade Lake, announced by Intel. 
  • Customers can accelerate enterprise application performance including SAP HANA, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. SAP HANA OLAP with NSE performance increases up to 50% over the previous generation //X non-disruptively, with no migration required.
  • Customers can accelerate and consolidate DAS Applications such as PostgreSQL and MySQL for increased efficiency and improved time-to-market. 
    • MySQL testing yielded up to 50% faster performance at 35% lower latency compared to DAS
    • PostgreSQL testing yielded up to 20% faster performance at 35% lower latency compared to DAS
  • Support for NVMe-oF and Storage Class Memory enable FlashArray to provide latency as low as 150µs, providing the performance required for the most demanding enterprise databases and maximum density to shrink data centre real estate requirements.

Subscription to innovation

  • As part of their included Evergreen upgrades, existing FlashArray customers can innovate faster than their competitors with up to 50% performance improvement over FlashArray//M R2.
  • Rethink your Refresh — For customers currently running on competitive storage solutions, the new FlashArray//X provides an opportunity to make the switch. Consume storage as a utility, with all array software included and investment protection across customer fleets without another migration. 
  • The latest generation of FlashArray//X further demonstrates the unrivalled customer value delivered by Pure’s Evergreen Storage. To date, Pure has delivered 11 generations of hardware and 21 generations of software upgrades, all without disruption, with an overall density increase of 146x.
  • Also available in an OpEx model through Pure as-a-Service on-premises, or as a bridge to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, to further enable data mobility between hybrid and private clouds for customers.

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