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Nutanix simplifies advanced business continuity with automation

Nutanix simplifies advanced business continuity with automation

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Nutanix simplifies advanced business continuity with automation

Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, has announced several new capabilities in its hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software and AHV hypervisor to protect business-critical applications and maintain continuous business operations in the face of a possible disaster. New capabilities include advanced automation for recovering applications and data, support for seamless multisite disaster recovery (DR), synchronous replication for workloads running on AHV and a near zero data loss with ‘near sync’ replication for recovery point objective (RPO) times of approximately 20 seconds.

At a time when business continuity is more important than ever, ensuring businesses have strong recovery policies and procedures is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. However, customers looking to implement strong DR plans for critical applications, such as those supporting emergency services, had little choice but to deploy complex, often disparate technologies that demand specialised, ongoing administration. The new capabilities in Nutanix HCI and AHV help enable customers to confidently deliver mission-critical applications with significantly less complexity and lower management overhead.

“Maintaining continuous business operations is a high priority for all types of companies and organisations,” said Greg Smith, VP of Product Marketing at Nutanix. “However, most businesses rely on custom, handcrafted DR implementations to guard against system-wide IT failures. Nutanix now natively delivers automated, easy-to-deploy disaster recovery solutions built to deliver applications that must always be available.”

New capabilities to simplify and automate DR efforts include:

Multisite disaster recovery: Nutanix now supports multisite DR designs, helping enable enterprises to quickly recover from the simultaneous failure of two or more data centres, while keeping applications and data available to users. Particularly valuable in regulated industries like financial services, healthcare and emergency services where organisations need to deliver uninterrupted service, Nutanix DR leverages advanced automation technology to eliminate the complexity of DR installation and ongoing orchestration. Application teams can quickly recover from unplanned outages or data corruption and set configurations to adhere to many stringent compliance requirements.

Unmatched near sync disaster recovery: Nutanix now supports near sync replication with an RPO of only about 20 seconds, a three times improvement from its already industry leading technology. Nutanix is the only leading HCI vendor to offer a 20-second RPO.

Synchronous data replication for Nutanix AHV: Synchronous replication or the nearly instantaneous replication of data between multiple locations is now natively supported on the Nutanix AHV hypervisor. AHV can be used by customers to deliver a highly available service for their most important workloads, such as virtual desktop infrastructure, databases and general server virtualisation.

DR orchestration with runbooks: The latest release gives customers more flexibility and control over the end-to-end recovery process, with more granular control to focus DR resources toward targeted applications.

“Our business users expect a zero recovery point objective, which guarantees no data loss when a failover occurs following a data centre outage,” said Delfim Da Costa, System and Infrastructure Manager at Infomil, an IT spin-off of a large European retailer and a Nutanix customer since 2015. “We are delighted to now use Nutanix’s AHV virtualisation and to maintain the highest possible SLA for our production workloads.”

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