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Kingston Technology ships 7.68TB capacity for industry-leading data centre SSDs

Kingston Technology ships 7.68TB capacity for industry-leading data centre SSDs

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Kingston Digital, the flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, has started shipping the 7.68TB model of the Data Centre 500R (DC500R) and 450R (DC450R) SATA SSDs. The DC1000M 7.68TB U.2 NVMe ships in June. The SSDs provide additional storage and implement strict QoS ensuring predictable IO and low latency for data centres using both NVMe and/or SATA.

The three SSDs join the DC1000B NVMe boot drive, DC500M (for mixed workloads) SATA SSD and Server Premier DRAM to form the most complete range of superior enterprise-class data centre storage solutions in the market.

“Higher capacity options for data centres enables organisations to increase storage space in their current footprint as cloud computing continues to grow at unprecedented levels,” said Tony Hollingsbee, SSD Business Manager, Kingston EMEA. “Our evolving line of data centre storage solutions serve enterprise customers of all levels from hyperscalers and on down and are a key component for organisations to keep the total cost of ownership down.” 

Kingston’s 7.68TB data centre SSDs include: DC500R: VMware ReadySSD engineered for read-intensive applications such as webservers, virtual desktop infrastructure, operational databases and real time analytics; DC450R: Specific, focused feature set for read-intensive applications and optimised for data centres looking to not overspend on more expensive write-intensive SSDs; DC1000M: Hot-pluggable U.2 (2.5″) form factor, allowing seamless integration with latest generation servers and storage arrays currently using PCIe and U.2 backplanes.

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