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Lenovo unveils four new end-to-end storage, data management solutions

Lenovo unveils four new end-to-end storage, data management solutions

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Lenovo’s Data Centre Group has launched several new products aimed at enabling end-to-end data management in a move to help customers harness data more securely and efficiently with a single set of tools.

From Edge to core to cloud, with a single set of tools and capabilities for a smarter way forward, data management solutions will be extremely beneficial for South African organisations as many are now prioritising cloud migration and data management to assist in the country’s economic recovery plan.

After what has been a whirlwind year, multiple organisations have acknowledged the importance of a Digital Transformation strategy and how it aids in collecting, transforming and normalising data.

“As South Africa’s professional services sector continues to adopt a remote-work system in their offices, it is imperative that we present data solutions that will not only protect sensitive data, but also encourage Digital Transformation within our new age of work.” says Jim Holland, Regional Director and Data Centre Expert at Lenovo DCG. “With organisations across Sub-Saharan Africa being forced to adapt to an ‘on-screen’ work lifestyle, cloud services have become instrumental for Business Continuity and efficiency across the region. We, at Lenovo, trust that our new ThinkSystem will assist corporations of all sizes to adopt a data management plan that will benefit both their market share and newly formed workplace.”

The new Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F brings high-performance, low-latency all-NVMe storage at an affordable price point, enabling customers of all sizes to enhance analytics and AI deployments, while accelerating applications’ access to data. The Lenovo DM Series storage systems now include new S3 Object support, to create a next generation unified data management platform. This platform allows customers to manage and analyse all data types (block, file and object) within a single storage platform, accelerating the processing of data analytics while reducing infrastructure costs. These enhancements create expanded data protection capabilities, with transparent failover and management of object storage natively. Additionally, with Lenovo DM Series storage, customers can add cold-data tiering from hard drives to the cloud, or replicate data to the cloud. This enables an economical multi-cloud strategy for storage, reducing the overall cost of data management.

Whilst South Africa could finish the year as one of the fastest-growing major IT market in the world, many organisations are still failing to capitalise on the move to the cloud. Common mistakes organisations make are, for example, keeping systems up 24/7 and not investing in multi-layered cybersecurity strategies.

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