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Green construction required to support upcoming Nordic boom

Green construction required to support upcoming Nordic boom

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Forecasted growth in the Nordic data centre market will need to be supported by green construction methods to ensure sustainable development for the sector, warns an industry specialist.

A recent report from Arizton Advisory and Intelligence has projected significant growth for the Nordic region over the coming decade. Ample availability of renewable energy sources and government support for the sector has made the region an attractive location for hyperscale and colocation facilities, with the Nordic market predicted to almost double in size, from US$5.24 billion in 2021 to US$10.21 billion in 2027.

“The Nordic region has championed sustainable operation in the data centres sector for many years, which is a primary reason that it remains a key location for investment,” said Greger Ruud, Sector Development Manager – Data Centres at Aggreko, “However, it’s critical that greener practice extends to construction as well as day-to-day operation, especially when the effects of embodied emissions are considered. While the Nordics are already closing in on achieving net zero construction, managing such unprecedented levels of growth will likely prove to be the region’s greatest challenge to date, so it’s vital that comprehensive support is provided during this period to maintain this.”

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