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Deep Dive: Neil Barman, Chief Growth Officer,

Enhancing data centre operations: Why robots pose no threat to human expertise

Ozgur Duzgunoglu, Head of Engineering and Design, Telehouse, outlines the benefits of automation for data centre facilities and how robotics and humans can work to enhance each other’s strengths, helping to foster innovation and drive operational excellence. Data centre demand has accelerated rapidly in the last few years. Data-generating and data-hungry technologies, including cloud computing […]

Deep Dive: Mike O’Sullivan, CTO at Infinox.

Experts discuss how the UAE data centre industry will manage cooling requirements

Record-breaking heat waves are making headlines and straining economies around the globe, with no signs of cooling down in the immediate future. Beyond the impact on human lives, extreme heat is taking a major toll on data centre operations and infrastructure, from outages and disruptions at data centres in the UK, to reduced production at […]

Deep Dive: Nick King, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Snowplow

Snowplow expert on utilising prediction models to achieve competitive advantage

Obtaining meaningful insights through data can be a difficult area to navigate but this invaluable information can support a business’ marketing approach and provide a better understanding of its customers’ behaviour. Nick King, President and Chief Product Marketing Officer with Snowplow, tells us how organisations can best use prediction software to help make informed decisions […]

Data ubiquity is impacting data centre density

David Craig, CEO, Iceotope, discusses the impact of the data explosion and how this is transforming the data centre model as the need to remain relevant to customers and investors is ever present. In 2020, humans were creating, on average, 1.7MB of data per second. We sent 500,000 Tweets per day. And by the end […]

Should I stay or should I go… to a cloud provider?

Matt Edgley, Director, TeleData UK, discusses the relationship between cloud and data centres and explains why it’s better to consider all the factors that are relevant to your business, look for providers that meet those needs and make sure you ask the right questions. Moving to a cloud provider is a consideration that really came […]

Deep Dive: Con Zwinkels, CEO, Founder & Owner, Leaseweb

Con Zwinkels, CEO, Founder & Owner, Leaseweb, tells us how he began his career and how he relaxes and unwinds outside the office. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the data centre industry? Leaseweb first started in a dorm room in Utrecht in 1997, so it’s incredible to look back and […]

Five best practices for cyber-incident preparedness in data centre OT environments

Omar Al Barghouthi, Regional Director, Middle East at Dragos, considers five best practices that allow data centre security teams to avoid disaster and attempts to highlight to OT-focused threat actors that they aren’t in for an easy ride. Companies running data centres in today’s threat environment implicitly understand that cybersecurity is paramount. Data centres stand […]

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