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Industry expert says not all burglars wear balaclavas when it comes to data centre security

Managing risk in the data centre space is crucial for protecting operations and keeping data safe. Steve Hone, CEO, The DCA, discusses data centre security from both a physical and cyber perspective and offers some best practice advice for covering all bases when it comes to security. I’d initially like to address the issue of […]

Serverfarm expert discusses the pandemic-driven Edge

As a result of the pandemic, online user behaviour has transformed. Arun Shenoy, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Serverfarm, explains why Edge Computing investments are expected to see a massive ROI by helping to maintain productivity as the use of Edge data centres increases. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for digitalisation coupled […]

Expert discusses how to get that little bit more out of your data centre

There are various ways to get the best out of your data centre. Zac Potts, Associate Director (Data Centre Design) – Sudlows, discusses what this means and why it is critical to invest in definition and design in order to lay strong foundations for reliable performance. What does it mean to you to be squeezing […]

Remaining hopeful for the data centre sector’s future after the big freeze

Steve Hone, CEO, DCA – Data Centre Trade Association, discusses some of the significant moments that have taken place over the course of 2020 in the data centre sector and why he is hopeful for its future development. Many businesses tend to impose some form of change freeze across all production systems during peak times […]

Fifty shades of green – The DCA’s aim to create a more sustainable future

The DCA explains the reason for its new Sustainability Special Interest Group (SIG), why it has been set up and what it will achieve as we consider the impact of data centres on the environment both now and into the future. The data centre remains the beating heart of our digital world. Businesses and society […]

Significant moments in 2019 for DCA Corporate Partners

As we move into a new year, the DCA looks at some of its Corporate Members’ significant moments from 2019.  We had so many contributions that we have been unable to include all the information – but we have provided some of the headlines and links to the rest of the details. The DCA’s membership […]

The circle of life: DCA works to support greener data centres

Several DCA Partners are now working within the concept of the ‘circular economy’, says Steve Hone, CEO, DCA. Here he tells us more about the principles of a circular economy, with insight from two DCA members about how they are championing these values. The definition of the circular economy made me realise that it’s a […]

DCA spotlight: Data centre certification – good, bad or ugly?

Due to the confusing landscape of data centre certifications globally, the Data Centre Alliance has, since 2015, provided an independent certification based upon the EN50600 series, the EUCOC and recognised best practices. John Booth, Chairman of the Data Centre Alliance – Energy Efficiency steering committee, explains the status of data centre certification. What is certification? […]

DCA spotlight: R&D projects are worth considering

This month, Steve Hone, CEO, DCA, explains why the trade association supports R&D and provides details of DCA Partner EcoCooling’s involvement in a project to build and manage the most efficient data centre in the world. Investing time in research can deliver real benefits to business. Many successful companies, such as those producing consumer goods […]

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