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Deep Dive: Mike O’Sullivan, CTO at Infinox.

Leviton data centres and smart buildings are emerging as key technologies for the future

With the increasing data centre landscape and rapid technological development, it is crucial for organisations to onboard partners that can help navigate such changes efficiently. Shady Youssef, Managing Director MEA, Africa & APAC at Leviton provides insights into how Leviton is making massive strides in the world of smart buildings and data centres, how emerging […]

Schneider Electric leading in sustainability strategies

The spotlight currently sits on data centres regarding their sustainability efforts and with the increasing pressure to take ESG goals seriously and a lack of usable metrics, it can be a difficult area to navigate. Natalya Makarochkina, Senior Vice President of the Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric tells us how organisations can best use […]

Deep Dive: Nick King,Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Snowplow.

Snowplow expert on utilising prediction models to achieve competitive advantage

Obtaining meaningful insights through data can be a difficult area to navigate but this invaluable information can support a business’ marketing approach and provide a better understanding of its customers’ behaviour. Nick King, President and Chief Product Marketing Officer with Snowplow, tells us how organisations can best use prediction software to help make informed decisions […]

G4S expert on getting data centre security right

High-profile data breaches and disruption to services are frequently reported with each incident causing huge financial and credibility losses. Giovanni Grosso, Managing Director at G4S Secure Solutions Services tells us about combining physical security and cybersecurity when looking at DC security programmes on a holistic basis, the six layers of security within data centres and […]

Deep Dive: Ollie Charleton, Senior Sales Executive, Techbuyer

Tanium expert on how organisations can build an effective defence against ransomware

As instances of ransomware increase across EMEA, organisations must adopt a robust approach to cyber defence by prioritising prevention measures. Zac Warren, Chief Security Advisor, EMEA at Tanium, tells Jess Abell, Director of Strategic Content at Lynchpin Media, how organisations can strengthen their defences by enhancing endpoint visibility and reinventing their approach to patching. Despite […]

Deep Dive: Kevin Brown, Schneider Electric’s Senior Vice President of EcoStruxure Solutions

Schneider Electric expert on the importance of modernised DCIM systems

Hybrid IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex and legacy DCIM software does not adequately adapt to these complexities and recent growth. We speak to Kevin Brown, Schneider Electric’s Senior Vice President of EcoStruxure Solutions, about the trend of DCIM 3.0 and the importance of DCIM systems that adapt and evolve with the IT infrastructure landscape. What […]

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