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Equinix highlights progress on ESG commitments in annual sustainability report

Equinix is the first company in the data center industry to commit to becoming climate neutral globally by 2030. Equinix has released its 2021 Sustainability Report which outlines progress, innovation and accomplishments on key environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments from the past year and since formalizing its Corporate Sustainability Program in 2015. The ESG initiatives comprising […]

Data centre experts discuss how they’re demonstrating a commitment to greener data centre operations

Data centre executives are paying close attention to their management practices to ensure they meet their sustainability targets most effectively. A number of organisations across the industry are offering the opportunity to equip data centre leaders with the required skills to lead their teams with sustainability top of mind. Uptime Institute, the global digital infrastructure […]

Green construction required to support upcoming Nordic boom

Forecasted growth in the Nordic data centre market will need to be supported by green construction methods to ensure sustainable development for the sector, warns an industry specialist. A recent report from Arizton Advisory and Intelligence has projected significant growth for the Nordic region over the coming decade. Ample availability of renewable energy sources and government support […]

Scoping a more circular approach to net zero in the data centre 

A zero-waste circular economy enables data centre IT resources to be kept in use for as long as possible. Here, Andrew Gomarsall MBE, Executive Chairman, N2S, explains why a circular IT economy is key to both effective energy reduction and e-waste, and how to go about managing data centre operations in order to achieve this. […]

Commitment to greener operations critical to success of data centre sector

Being burdened with the responsibility of generating a sheer amount of power means data centre leaders have found themselves with no choice but to design and generate their facilities with sustainability top of mind. Here, Billy Durie, Global Sector Head for Data Centres at Aggreko, offers some best practice advice for data centre managers to […]

Beyond carbon-neutral and carbon-free energy targets

While carbon-free energy is crucial to reducing GHG emissions and water consumption, green energy alone is not enough to maintain sustainable operations and address the adverse environmental impact of data centres. Here, Nour Rteil, Lead Application Developer at Techbuyer, discusses the importance of implementing energy efficient servers, for example, to reduce carbon impact on the […]

How cooling solutions are shaping the future of data centres

Mike Hayes, Applications Specialist, FlaktGroup, discusses the evolution of cooling technology in the data centre space and provides insight into how the organisation offers cooling solutions to its customers to allow them to meet their business and sustainability goals. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? I’m Mike Hayes, an application specialist at FlaktGroup, looking […]

Fujitsu contributes to goal of carbon-neutral society through NEDO Program

Fujitsu leads development of energy-efficient CPUs and Photonics Smart NIC for next-generation green data centers under NEDO Program. Fujitsu has announced that it has been selected for the ‘Green Innovation Fund Project/ Construction of Next Generation Digital Infrastructure’ project in the field of ‘Technology Development of the Next Generation Green Data Center’. It has been […]

CGD project seeks to develop reliable GaN power transistors and ICs to cut data centre emissions

More than five megatons of CO2 emissions can be saved each year over the next decade using Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based IC technology to increase the efficiency of data centre server power supplies. Fabless semiconductor company Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) has launched ICeData, a project aiming to develop and commercialise a highly efficient Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based […]

How can data centres expect to engage with utilities in 2022 and beyond?

In order to restore the growing imbalance between power utilities and the data centre sector, the two must engage and work together to find some equilibrium in an industry that is required to achieve zero carbon by 2030. Ed Ansett, Founder of i3 Solutions Group, discusses the energy sector in transition and how this transitioning energy […]

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