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Caterpillar demonstrates viability of using hydrogen fuel cell technology at Microsoft data centre

The demonstration marks significant progress toward providing data centres with reliable and sustainable backup power with hydrogen technology. Caterpillar has announced the success of its collaboration with Microsoft and Ballard Power Systems to demonstrate the viability of using large-format hydrogen fuel cells to supply reliable and sustainable backup power for data centres. The demonstration provided valuable insights into the capabilities of fuel […]

A focus on data centre efficiency can help CIOs avoid ESG headaches

Martin Gaffney, Vice President EMEA, Yugabyte, suggests that preparation is key to answer any probing net zero questions that will inevitably arise, and why relying on a hyperscaler’s operations isn’t enough to show greener impact. Something big is on the horizon – a complex business and IT issue that you will need to confront head-on. It […]

Six key steps for sustainable networking infrastructure

As every corner of the globe is encouraged to increase their use of renewables, Mattias Fridström, Vice President and Chief Evangelist, Arelion, provides six considerations for network operators to help fast-track a greener future and ease the appetite of hungry data centres. According to the United Nations, fossil fuels, including coal, oil and gas, currently […]

Piecing the sustainable puzzle for social responsibility in the Middle East

Bjorn Viedge, General Manager at ALEC Data Center Solutions, focuses on global green goals and how these will affect Middle Eastern data centres regarding facility design, cooling and compliance. Across the Middle East, digital agendas have long been seen as the necessary underpinnings of economic growth – a way to detach from historic dependencies on […]

Asia-Pacific Data Centre Association launches as voice of data centre operators in the region

The Asia-Pacific Data Centre Association (APDCA) has been launched to represent the collective interests of the data centre industry in APAC. This first-of-its-kind trade association group in APAC aims to identify and formulate common positions between data centre operators, suppliers and stakeholders, empowering the industry to advocate for policies and regulations that support the sustainable growth of the […]

LCL becomes first Belgian data centre to receive gold medal for sustainability from EcoVadis

Data centre specialist, LCL, has been awarded a gold medal by EcoVadis. LCL obtained this medal by achieving excellent scores for four sustainability themes: environment, ethics, labour and human rights, and sustainable procurement. The gold medal reconfirms LCL’s leading position in the Belgian data centre sector. Only the top 5% of companies assessed by EcoVadis […]

Embracing transformative technologies for a greener future is a golden opportunity 

The pressing issues of our era, such as environmental concerns and global crises, demand a proactive approach. Reminding us that the climate itself doesn’t have the luxury of time, Oleksandr Maidaniuk, VP of Technology, Intellias, touches on how it is paramount for swift, informed decisions to help implement sustainable practices, and how these will ensure […]

Octopus invests £200m into Deep Green’s pioneering data centre heat re-use technology

Octopus Energy’s generation arm has announced a £200 million investment in London-based tech disruptor, Deep Green, to help it rapidly scale its technology across the UK.  Processing data generates a lot of heat. The revolutionary business model pioneered by Deep Green means this heat doesn’t go to waste and instead is used to provide free heat […]

How centralised monitoring for data centres can empower sustainable futures

Martin Hodgson, Director Northern Europe, Paessler AG, discusses the pursuit of sustainable practices and how solutions should be adopted which ensure monitoring for energy efficiency, uninterrupted operations and shielding data centres from digital threats. As the demand for data continues its relentless growth, data centres have become the vital infrastructure of the digital age. While […]

ZutaCore and Valeo announce first contract for innovative data centre cooling

Valeo and ZutaCore have announced a four-year commercial agreement to address the growing demand for liquid cooling in data centres to support high-density servers. Valeo plans to deliver its first data centre cooling components to ZutaCore in the second half of 2024. The two partners had previously announced their collaboration at CES 2023 to research and introduce a new […]

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