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Four reasons MSPs will help customers face a new battleground in 2021

Managed Service Providers can play a crucial role in providing the roadmap for continued business growth and success. Matthieu Brignone, Area Vice President EMEA Partners, Pure Storage, discusses the key factors MSPs should have in mind to help customers grow and succeed in 2021. In every industry, 2020 will be remembered as a year that […]

CNet Training’s data centre programs are in demand

CNet Training is recognised throughout the world for being the global industry leader in its field and the only industry dedicated education provider to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications. Here, CNet’s President and CEO, Andrew Stevens, outlines the data centre programs available to learners globally and why CNet’s data centre credentials are […]

Demonstrating proper compliance and security – Why is it so important?

Simon Spring, Senior Account Director EMEA, WhereScape, discusses how the rise in remote working has highlighted a need to focus on data security and compliance, emphasising the importance of organisations turning their attention to the physical integrity of their data centres. Among the important topics occupying the time and investment decisions of tech professionals, compliance […]

Finding the perfect balance between sustainability and performance

Andy Connor, Channel Director, EMEA, Subzero Engineering, discusses the need for data centre leaders to become more aware of the environmental consequences of their digital footprint and how best to monitor it as demand for sustainable operations places more pressure upon the industry. In 2020, the Uptime Institute’s, Andy Lawrence stated: ‘The average power usage […]

The role of cooling in data centre sustainability

The need to drive sustainability within the data centre industry is a top priority as concerns for the health of the planet is a matter of global importance. Marc Garner, VP, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric UK&I, discusses how operators can make positive sustainable choices to continue to feed the burgeoning appetite for digital services […]

Industry expert says not all burglars wear balaclavas when it comes to data centre security

Managing risk in the data centre space is crucial for protecting operations and keeping data safe. Steve Hone, CEO, The DCA, discusses data centre security from both a physical and cyber perspective and offers some best practice advice for covering all bases when it comes to security. I’d initially like to address the issue of […]

CNet expert tells us what sets the education provider apart from the rest

Melissa Chambal, US LATAM & Canada Technical Manager and 7×24 Exchange International Career Development Mentor at CNet Training, joined the company with over 20 years’ data centre and network infrastructure experience, plus five years teaching data centre design and network design programs. She has taught at the Top Gun Marine base in California and performed […]

Serverfarm expert discusses the pandemic-driven Edge

As a result of the pandemic, online user behaviour has transformed. Arun Shenoy, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Serverfarm, explains why Edge Computing investments are expected to see a massive ROI by helping to maintain productivity as the use of Edge data centres increases. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for digitalisation coupled […]

Aggreko expert on changing the supply chain challenge to mitigate risk

Although data centre supply chains have not experienced the same level of disturbances as many other sectors due to the pandemic, John Lewis, Managing Director, Aggreko Africa, argues that there is still a requirement for companies to ensure their supply chains are secure while there is a potential for continued disruption. He tells us why […]

Delivering value-added data centre solutions for the modern and transformed enterprise

To achieve their goals of Digital Transformation, many organisations have looked closely at their data centre environment. Wang Di, President, Huawei Digital Power, Middle East, highlights examples of how Huawei has worked closely with customers in the region to enable their organisations to scale.   Across the entirety of 2020, the business environment has become […]

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