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Data storage trends to watch out for in 2022

Making global data storage predictions in the face of an ongoing, highly dynamic pandemic, might at first glance appear akin to reading tea leaves. We asked a number of experts to identify the biggest drivers in the 2022 data storage market, and trends related to six technologies have emerged: cybersecurity; data sovereignty; Artificial Intelligence; cloud; […]

Solving 2022’s key data centre optimisation challenge

The challenges of running a data centre are ever increasing, as is the demand for running carbon neutral facilities. Here, EkkoSense identifies the five issues operations teams will need to resolve to successfully balance increased workloads while still securing carbon savings. EkkoSense has identified five key issues that data centre teams need to address to […]

Data centre industry won’t return to normal, according to Eaton expert

Ciaran Forde, Data Centre Segment Leader (EMEA), Eaton, discusses the role of data centres in a world of power transformation and the market opportunity for alignment of data and power in 2022. Ford believes that sector coupling could become one of this year’s major areas of focus for the industry. For data and the data […]

Data centre growth and investment in UK PLC

The UK is by far the largest data centre colocation market in Europe, a long way ahead of Germany, which is in itself way ahead of France and the Netherlands – but can we expect this to continue? Is the UK data centre sector still a force to be reckoned with and is the top […]

DCIM software gains respectability as sustainability beckons

DCIM software is becoming more utilised across the data centre space as data centre managers look for smarter ways to run their facilities. Nick Ewing, Managing Director, EfficiencyIT, explores some of the barriers to DCIM adoption, its benefits and whether it can be used effectively to support sustainability ambitions.  When it first appeared, DCIM (Data Centre […]

Predictions for 2022: Digitising the design and build of data centres

The future remains uncertain as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate business operations far and wide, however, data centre leaders are attempting to prepare their operations for a new year. Steven Carlini, Vice President, Innovation and Data Centre, Schneider Electric, discusses in detail some of the trends he expects to develop across the data centre […]

The future of colocation: Does it have a role in a cloud-led business?

There are many benefits of colocation – one being how it enables organisations to embrace Digital Transformation without taking on additional data security risk. Liam Taylor, Head of Data Centre Operations at Node4, explores the function of colocation in cloud-led businesses of all maturities and why it is a Digital Transformation alternative to fully public […]

Investing in the data centre footprint for successful future innovation

As data centre leaders aim to keep up with industry transformation, it is important they have an understanding of how things are expected to develop and that they evolve with innovation in mind. Hiren Parekh, VP for Northern Europe for OVHcloud, discusses the organisation’s vision as a leader in the field and what it hopes […]

Sustainability and climate actions dominate: 2022 data centre trends to watch

With sustainability and the climate crisis among the most heavily talked about subjects across the data centre industry, data centre leaders must make strategic decisions towards managing such trends which are set to take place over the next 12 months. Here, experts from Vertiv identify some of the industry’s most likely trends they predict will […]

Conquering the next challenge for colocation providers: Speed

Ashish Moondra – Senior Product Manager, Power, Electronics & Software at Chatsworth Products (CPI), discusses the challenge that colocation providers are currently facing and suggests some best practice advice when looking to overcome this and get new customers up and running quickly. As the transition from the Information Age to the Age of Artificial Intelligence […]

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