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Data centres are prioritising sustainability but lack visibility of energy consumption

A new report from JLL has revealed that 85% of data centre managers in the Asia Pacific believe that sustainability will significantly impact their operations and decision-making, confirming that the growth of the sector will increasingly be influenced by Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations. Demand for data centres has skyrocketed due to the widespread […]

Assessing the sustainability impact of Lithium-ion batteries in data centre UPS applications

The battery which underpins any uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a major consideration for any data centre owner or operator. Traditionally, the market has utilised valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries to ensure power continuity and continuous operation of the IT equipment and services they support. However, there are challenges with this technology in terms of their […]

Sustainable power adoption in data centres starts with Demand Response

Ed Ansett, Chairman and Founder, i3 Solutions Group, discusses the sustainability benefits of Demand Response (DR) and how it provides data centre technical leaders with a method to generate additional revenue from their operations. Demand Response offers the opportunity to generate new data centre revenue streams while supporting the utility grid and its use of […]

Facing down the climate crisis: Turning your business green

Over the past few years, sustainability has been rising swiftly up the corporate agenda. However, thus far, real change has failed to materialise. Even though businesses in the UK are well aware of the need for more sustainable practices, 35% of UK executives and leaders still struggle to ‘align their eco-commitments with their overall business […]

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