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Mellanox Ethernet switches integrated into security platform

Mellanox Ethernet switches integrated into security platform

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Mellanox Technologies, a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems, has announced the integration of its Ethernet switches into security leader Check Point Software’s ‘Maestro’ security platform, which has propelled Ethernet switch shipments past the one million port milestone.

Check Point builds leading data centre security appliances and has selected Mellanox Spectrum based Ethernet switches for its next generation Maestro platform – the industry’s first truly hyperscale network security solution.

This design win continues Mellanox’s momentum in Ethernet switch platforms shipped to the world’s leading cloud, storage and security solutions providers.

The Check Point Maestro security solution leverages the Mellanox 10, 25 and 100Gbps Spectrum based Ethernet switch platforms. The Spectrum based open Ethernet platform enables Check Point to quickly allow Gaia, a next generation operating system for security applications, to run on the switch.

This flexibility enables Check Point customers to benefit from quality Ethernet switch data plane connectivity combined with secure and easy to use operating system for security appliances.

In addition, Check Point’s HyperSync patented technology allows customers to enjoy full redundancy within a system by utilising all hardware resources. Gaia provides the feature set and interfaces that are familiar to security administrators worldwide and delivers secure and easy updates via IPSO and SecurePlatform.

“We are excited that Check Point, the leader in scalable, high-performance security platforms has selected our Spectrum Ethernet switches as a critical element of Maestro, the true hyperscale solution for network security,” said Yael Birk Hoter-Ishay, Sr Director of Sales at Mellanox.

“This follows the previous selection of Mellanox NICs and transceivers for its 25, 40 and 100Gbps solutions. Mellanox 10/25/100Gbps switches are a great match not only due to their superior performance, but also due to the switch being an open platform, thus allowing customers with sophisticated needs to tailor the capabilities to their liking.”

“Check Point Maestro is a revolutionary new architecture that enables businesses of any size to enjoy the power of flexible cloud-level security platforms and to seamlessly expand their existing security gateways to hyperscale capacity firewalls. Performance, reliability, fault tolerant and secure network connectivity are all critical to our customers,” said Itai Greenberg, VP Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies.

“After a careful evaluation of the various offerings, we selected the Mellanox Spectrum family of switches as the best solution to meet our needs and deliver unmatched security platforms to our customers. We look forward to continuing the technology collaboration with Mellanox for product generations to come.”

In the competitive world of high-speed networks, performance is at a premium. Here, Mellanox has the advantage of manufacturing switches based on entirely in-house developed Spectrum and Spectrum-2 silicon – rather than using commodity chips from merchant semiconductors suppliers.

This allows leaner, purpose-built components that give Mellanox the edge in performance, efficiency, density, telemetry and flexibility. Where many chips are completely hard-wired, Mellanox chips are designed with a programmable pipeline for faster accommodation of customers’ requirements.

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