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How onshoring data centres is driving innovation in the UK

Rajesh Ganesan, President, ManageEngine, discusses what is driving UK data centre investment, the benefits ManageEngine’s new facilities will offer to UK customers seeking a local data centre and the importance of having a data strategy. In the last few years, cloud adoption in the UK has been rapid, far outstripping other markets. At ManageEngine, we’ve […]

Yes, cybersecurity is important, but is your data physically safe?

In order to prevent data loss as much as possible, it is crucial for the premises of a data centre to be secure. Sienna Dzanic, Global Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager at Axis Communications, discusses the use of smart technology to physically secure server rooms, buildings, or data centres and ultimately, protect data assets. In today’s digital information era, protecting […]

Space and power: What’s really limiting data centre capacity

Perceptions of limitations in data centres may not be what they first appear, as demand drives new examination. Markus Gerber, Senior Business Development Manager, nVent Schroff, discusses how to effectively meet the emerging demands for digital services in the foreseeable future.  The world has seen increasing demand for digital services in recent decades. This demand has only grown […]

Why addressing the diversity gap in the data centre industry isn’t enough

Aashna Puri – Project Development and Sustainability Director, aims to inspire and encourage more women to take up a career in data centres by sharing some of her own experiences and observations, as well as addressing the misperceptions that many believe.  As a woman working in the data centre industry, International Women’s Day offered the […]

How can we persuade consumers to use less data in order to relieve the pressure on data centres?

The amount of data in existence today is inevitably placing huge amounts of pressure on data centre facilities. Mark Molyneux, EMEA CTO at Cohesity, discusses ESG research, commissioned by Cohesity, which explores data growth rates at more than 3,000 organisations reported that: 39% of the companies surveyed saw data volumes increase by up to 20% […]

Navigating the data centre space as a woman

Takayo Takamuro, Managing Director, Telehouse Europe, tells us about her inspirational journey as a woman in the tech space, the importance of resetting the culture to make it more inclusive and appealing to women, as well as offering her advice for embracing working in a male-dominated industry. The IT and data centre industries have always […]

APAC data centre operators face increasing number of cybersecurity threats

Ian Lim, Field Chief Security Officer, Asia Pacific, Palo Alto Networks, explores the possible repercussions of cybersecurity incidents on data centre players in the APAC region, given the increasing importance of data centres for storing and analysing large volumes of data. He discusses the security posture of data centre operators in Asia and the possible […]

Five key shifts that are converging in today’s data era

The huge influx of data in recent years has caused a shift in priorities for business leaders looking to remain a leader in the data era. Tim Loake, VP, Infrastructure Solutions Group UK, Dell Technologies, discusses the trends that underscore how data users and consumers have changed and how organisations must adapt to stay relevant. Data […]

A data centre-sized conundrum for CIOs: Cutting costs and evaluating TCO

Robert Hormuth, CVP, Architecture and Strategy, AMD, offers tips for CIOs to evaluate the total cost of ownership of data centre solutions and how they can generate efficiencies. He discusses why upgrading to a newer infrastructure is more cost-efficient as older systems can likely cost more in upkeep and energy. CIOs with tightened budgets are faced […]

Deep Dive: Stefano Maccaglia, Practice Manager Incident Response, NetWitness.

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