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Leaseweb supports Crytek’s launch of Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One

Leaseweb supports Crytek’s launch of Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One

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Leaseweb supports Crytek’s launch of Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One

Leaseweb, a global cloud hosting provider, has announced the deployment of an extra 400 high-performance dedicated servers in Europe and the US, to enhance independent video game developer Crytek’s infrastructure in preparation for its launch of Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One.

Working to deliver the scalability that Crytek needed, Leaseweb quickly installed the additional servers in the locations with the highest concentration of Crytek gamers to guarantee a faultless online gameplay experience.

Faruk Yerli, CEO, Crytek, said: “To launch a game like Hunt: Showdown, server infrastructure, characterised by the ability to scale worldwide with one point of contact, is vitally important. The physical proximity of servers, as well as network latency and speed, determine the quality of the online gaming experience.

“An important measure of quality online gameplay is lag, which is why, ahead of this launch, we worked with Leaseweb to help us guarantee as little lag as possible.”

Leaseweb has been providing customised dedicated servers, in various global locations, to Crytek since 2015. Leaseweb also provides global connectivity to Crytek through its network, which includes multiple Tier 1 IP networks.

“Gaming companies like Crytek, which regularly release big updates and new games, demand flexibility and customisations and we are expertly equipped to accommodate that,” said Marcus Busch, Managing Director, Leaseweb Germany.

“We support the company strategically by planning together and having resources ready to facilitate updates and launches such as Hunt: Showdown.”

Yerli added: “For any game launch, or update, it’s vitally important to have a flexible infrastructure that can scale up quickly – which can involve deploying hundreds of dedicated servers with certain specifications within days.

“Leaseweb provides that flexibility to Crytek by being proactive and proposing infrastructure improvements based on our requirements. With Leaseweb, Crytek has achieved 100% availability and a very low average lag time.”

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