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CNet Training expert on how distance learning offers flexible study

CNet Training expert on how distance learning offers flexible study

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Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training, tells us how the company’s distance learning programs – which include training up to Master’s level – enable learners to study anywhere, at any time and at their own pace.

CNet Training is proving that the learning experience doesn’t have to be conventional or classroom-based. Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training, tells us how the company’s distance learning programs – which include training up to Master’s level – enable learners to study anywhere, at any time and at their own pace.

 Why does CNet Training offer a distance learning program? What are the main benefits of this?

The main benefit of the distance learning programs is that they allow the learner to fit the learning around work and home life commitments from anywhere across the globe.

The programs don’t require the learner to attend a traditional classroom environment or to study on the same date and time every week. The online system provided to the learner allows for ease of access and convenience so they can study any time or place and all at their own pace.

The main differentiating factor with CNet Training’s distance learning programs is the continual access to a dedicated online tutor, a highly experienced data centre professional who offers one-to-one support and guidance as needed.

Learners can contact the online tutor in a variety of ways including live support, online face-to-face meetings, tutorials, webinars and screen sharing, as well as a learner and tutor question and answer forum for all learners to post questions and request more information advice and guidance.

What are the challenges of delivering this type of program and how are these overcome?

The advantage of distance learning programs is that there are very few challenges to overcome.

As the programs are all online there aren’t any printed material which means we can easily and consistently update content to keep it in line to reflect any technological changes and advances in the industry.

The programs do require focus and motivation from the learner and for them to create an achievable routine that fits around their schedule and that can be adhered to on a regular basis to keep up with the required studying.

The online support from CNet makes this a lot easier for the learner as there is always someone available for support or guidance if there becomes an issue which may delay learning or completing a program.

The key factor in delivering these programs is the original design and content of the program – CNet works closely with Pearson, the largest education company in the world, to scope learning outcomes for each program.

We ensure the content adheres to the learning outcomes at all times and we are regularly audited to ensure we continue to meet the stringent requirements that comes with being an approved Education Centre of Pearson.

This, in turn allows us to continue to award internationally recognised qualifications in addition to our official certifications.

How do the distance learning programs engage and motivate learners and what makes them different?

The learners are on board from the start as the program is designed to work around them, allowing them to study at times that are most convenient to them with straight-forward and easy ways to communicate with the dedicated online tutor from wherever they are in the world.

The dedicated tutor is a unique and substantial added value factor to all the CNet distance learning programs.

Learners are never far away from a range of high quality support and this is what keeps them motivated, even if they get to a point in the program where they feel like they require motivation there is an abundant amount of online support and one-to-one help from the tutor and online platform, so any issues or concerns can quickly be resolved and the learner benefits from the feeling of having a private tutor in the room with them no matter where they are learning in the world or what time it is.

The distance learning programs have been specifically designed to keep the learner engaged with clear learning objectives from each module that are easy to follow, there are quizzes included at various points in the programs to keep things interesting for the learner which also allows us to monitor their progression and overall performance.

What makes CNet unique and what sets CNet apart from the rest?

We’re the only industry dedicated technical education provider to award both internationally recognised qualifications and official certifications.

Qualifications are valid for life. They differ from certifications in that they are controlled by international awarding educational bodies and are therefore can be matched to a recognised qualification across the world.

However, once you have obtained a qualification there is no real necessity to continue learning within that industry or for the learner to keep themselves current and up to date.

The advantage of certifications with post nominal titles is a commitment to life-long learning, all CNet programs require the learners to re-certify every three years to demonstrate their current knowledge and ensure that their learning is kept up to date.

We believe having a qualification valid for life as well as well as an up to date certification is the best combination to show the learners dedication to their career by continuously bringing their skills and knowledge up to date.

We are serious about education and only design and deliver education – our proposition is not diluted by offering other consultancy or design services. All of our instructors are full time employees of the company, we do not use contractors or consultants, plus each instructor goes through a stringent train-the-trainer process for each subject they teach, ensuring they can deliver the high standard of quality we and our clients expect.

In addition, the instructors are currently all going through training to become qualified teaches with a Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training. Over 60% of the instructor team are already qualified with the remaining Instructors due to complete their training this year.

What distance learning programs do CNet currently offer?

We currently offer four distance learning programs; the Data Centre Fundamentals program is designed for individuals who are either new to the data centre sector or for those who sell products and services to the data centre sector.

The program is an introduction into the sector and features the key aspects of data centre working infrastructure and their management and facilities relationship to the delivery business strategy.

The Certified Telecommunication Project Management (CTPM) is suitable for those with experience of telecommunications planning, installation and maintenance within a data centre environment. The program is targeted at individuals looking to improve the overall performance of their telecommunications and data centre projects.

The Certified Data Centre Sustainability Professional (CDCSP), has been structured for senior data centre operational and facilities management, team leaders and senior engineers. The program is designed to utilise existing data centre skills, knowledge and experience combined with new learning centred around technical collaboration and innovative approaches targeting sustainability within a data centre facility and the creation and implementation of a long-term sustainability strategy to support the business.

The world’s only Master’s Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management is a distance learning program that is suited to leaders and senior managers working in data centre facilities wishing to form the elite group of worldwide data centre professionals.

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