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Aruba utilises Kingston Technology hardware solutions

Aruba utilises Kingston Technology hardware solutions

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Aruba uses Kingston Technology hardware solutions to provide top level service to customers

Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP, a world leader in technology solutions and storage products, has announced that Aruba, Italy’s largest company for data centre IT services, web hosting, e-mail, PEC and domain registration, is utilising Kingston storage solutions to offer customers a high level of service and operate increasingly efficiently.

To date, Aruba is responsible for the management of 2.6 million domains, 8.6 million email accounts, 6.1 million PEC accounts, 130,000 physical and virtual servers and a total of around five million customers in private, small and medium-sized businesses as well as public administrations and multinationals.

Offering customers the best possible service is one of Aruba’s primary objectives and in order to achieve this it must rely on a trusted and flexible storage solution manufacturer.

For more than 10 years, Aruba has found both reliability and quality in Kingston; a partner able to support the performance of the company’s data centre services, offering experience and technical skills 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Aruba Data Centers, Kingston, through its solutions, guarantees functionality, compatibility and scalability, thus allowing the company to respond to varying requests from customers with greater flexibility.

With Kingston’s ability to provide hardware quickly, coupled with efficiency in responding accurately to questions on optimising hardware solutions, Aruba works closely with Kingston to continuously improve customer service.

Stefania Prando, Business Development Manager and Team Leader of Kingston Technology Italy said: “We are proud of our collaboration with Aruba. We have worked closely together for all these years guaranteeing them our reliability and our legendary technical support.

“We will continue to work and strive to ensure that Aruba continues to offer the best hosting and mailing services to its growing user base.”

Diego Parasecoli, Manager of the Technical Operations division of Aruba, said: “Our goal is to continue to expand and increase our services. Kingston supports us by providing reliable and quality memories, which use a hardware architecture that leading manufacturers (OEMs) continue to develop and market which is why the collaboration has been going on for over a decade and the solutions they provide continue to prove effective.”

Founded in 1994, Aruba is now a leading company in Italy for data centre, web hosting, email, certified email and domain registration services.

Aruba uses Kingston Technology in its proprietary data centres (two in Arezzo, one near Milan and one in the Czech Republic) and in partner structures distributed in Europe (France, England, Germany and Poland).

In the future, due to Aruba’s expansion project to create a new data centre in Rome – the Hyper Cloud Data Centre – there will be ample opportunity to enhance its collaboration for supplying Kingston solutions.

This will not only improve Aruba’s services but also optimise its existing hardware infrastructure.


Giving the best service to its customers is one of the most important aims for Aruba. The company depends on the high level of support and flexibility from its hardware suppliers.

It is key for Aruba to have a reliable memory manufacturer who they count on as an expert in their own field.

A partner that has extensive product knowledge, 24-7 technical support services and high-quality products are fundamental for Aruba.

Reliability and compatibility aspects are integral for its data centre performance, but most critical aspects are the scalability which allows them to respond to the needs and requirements of their clients on demand.


One of the main roles of the Technical Operations Team managed by Diego Parasecoli is supporting clients with remote services.

They have technical experts on site to support their servers if HDD, SSD or RAM require replacing and upgrading.

They also have experts on hand to support calls that may require more detailed technical know-how.

Kingston is one of these partners, providing support on technological structures which enables them to maximise the capabilities of their hardware.

“We are able to use Kingston as part of our proposition because they match our customer’s requirements for quality and reliability,” he said.

In 2018 Aruba managed over two million domains, more than seven million email accounts, five million PEC accounts and more than 130,000 physical and virtual servers.

It looks after around five million customers offering hosting services, public and private cloud services, housing and collocation services, dedicated servers, digital signatures, digital preservation, e-billing, certified email, SSL certificates and smart-cards.


Thanks to the service levels, quality, scalability and flexibility of Kingston’s cost-effective solutions, Aruba has seen an increase in the quality of service to its clients.

“Our future goals are to continue to maintain the expansion and the growth of our services. Kingston are helping us do this by producing reliable memory and SSDs that utilise the hardware architecture that major producers (OEMs) are continuing to develop and bring onto the market,” added Parasecoli.

Laurent Sirgy – Regional Director SEMEA Region, Kingston Technology, said: “Kingston technology is pleased to have partnered with Aruba for over 10 years. They are a well-established data centre brand across Europe.

“We have worked closely with Aruba over the years to ensure that we can support their technological requirements to enable them to continue offering the best in class hosting and mailing services to their ever-growing customer base.”

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