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Colt Data Centre Services achieves 100% pre-letting of its Frankfurt facility

Colt Data Centre Services achieves 100% pre-letting of its Frankfurt facility

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Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) has announced that its hyperscale data centre in West Frankfurt has secured customer commitments for 25.2MW of IT power, bringing the site to full capacity. This pre-letting comes 16 months prior to operational commencement of the Frankfurt West facility and marks one of the largest in the European data centre market to date and is further testament to Colt DCS’ dedicated expertise in the hyperscale data centre market.  

Frankfurt West is one of many hyperscale facilities to join the list of Colt DCS’ hyperscale data centres currently in development around the world, which include a 100MW facility in Mumbai, India as well as a 40MW facility in Osaka, Japan. The multiple locations of hyperscale facilities Colt DCS operates globally means that it is very well-equipped to take customers to market quicker in their locations of choice, across Europe and Asia, allowing them to scale as they grow.  

Colt DCS’ Frankfurt West facility is set to complete in Q4 2021. Customers will have access to a scalable infrastructure to support their business growth in a cost-effective, highly resilient, efficient and secure manner.    

The Frankfurt West data centre will provide a significant power capacity of 25.2MW, spanning across 14 data halls, each capable of delivering up to 1.8MW IT power. The large capacity and strategic location of the facility means Colt DCS is able to offer its customers access to the largest international carriers that pass through the region. Frankfurt, often lauded as one of Europe’s ‘Big Four’ interconnection hubs alongside London, Amsterdam and Paris, is one of the region’s premier connectivity centres, second only to London as the continent’s most important data hub.  

Quy Nguyen, VP Global Accounts and Solutions at Colt DCS, said: “The customer commitments that we have just secured at our Frankfurt West facility is further proof that the demand for hyperscale services is showing no signs of slowing down.

“We are excited to meet these rising demands by showcasing our continued commitment to growing our hyperscale offering globally and developing tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs. As our footing in the hyperscale market continues to expand, we look forward to cementing our position as a key player to watch within the hyperscale data centre industry for years to come.”  

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