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Equinix revolutionises how enterprises connect digital infrastructure

Equinix revolutionises how enterprises connect digital infrastructure

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Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company, has announced it has revolutionised the way enterprises connect digital infrastructure. Through a series of transformative new capabilities offered on both Equinix Fabric (formerly Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric) and Network Edge, and significantly expanded ecosystems, Equinix is empowering digital leaders to architect a network with the agility needed to respond to increasingly dynamic business environments.

Equinix Fabric: The new standard for interconnecting digital infrastructure

As enterprise demands for ecosystem access, infrastructure performance and network agility increase, customers are choosing Equinix Fabric as their de facto interconnection standard for connecting their digital infrastructure globally on Platform Equinix. No longer just for cloud connectivity, Equinix Fabric establishes a globally connected footprint of services that enables digital leaders to transform their businesses as they connect to everything and everyone that matters to their business.

“With the pandemic creating a massive shift to remote working earlier this year, Aon was able to pivot and support 100% of our workforce remotely without any reduction in services. We were also able to rollout new capabilities at a time when many companies were struggling to keep employees connected and remain productive,” said Rakesh Inamdar, Senior Director of Core Infrastructure Services at Aon. “All this was possible by building our digital infrastructure to be ready for disruption on Platform Equinix. Equinix’s trusted platform provides us the most connected footprint of capabilities and services, whether it be connectivity to a boundless ecosystem of technology partners with Equinix Fabric or easy access to the largest carrier-neutral telecom aggregation points. By harnessing the power of the Equinix platform, we were able to bring together and connect our core infrastructure globally, in a highly secure and cost-effective manner.”

Enterprises and service providers are now using Equinix Fabric as a single interconnection approach to connect between all their physical and virtual devices located within Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres and the world’s largest digital infrastructure ecosystem. This includes connecting physical devices located within Equinix colocation, and automated bare metal servers available with Equinix Metal, with virtual devices such as routers, firewalls and SD-WAN gateways available on Network Edge, which help enterprises seamlessly bridge the distance between their distributed digital infrastructure.

Significantly expanding the size of the digital ecosystem accessible at software speed to Equinix Fabric customers, Equinix is also launching a new capability that allows Equinix Fabric users to connect to any other customer on Platform Equinix. With this innovation, Equinix Fabric customers can expand their interconnection reach by more than 3x with the ability to connect to the more than 10,000 clouds, networks, partners, customers and rich ecosystems currently available on Platform Equinix.

Transforming the way in which industry-leading network service providers can distribute networking services in the future, Equinix has expanded automated access to network providers via Equinix Fabric. With this enhancement, providers can offer customers direct, on-demand access to their network services, while seamlessly connecting to a full range of participants available on Equinix Fabric. Within minutes, customers can use Equinix Fabric to gain access to network services like MPLS, Ethernet and IP transit from a multitude of major network service providers such as Aryaka, AT&T, BT, Cloudflare, Colt Technology Services, HKBN, Hurricane Electric, euNetworks, Fusix, GTT, Telnyx, Unitas Global and Verizon Business.

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