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Druva introduces Curated Recovery technology for Accelerated Ransomware Recovery

Druva introduces Curated Recovery technology for Accelerated Ransomware Recovery

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Data backup and recovery firm, Druva, has announced the launch of the industry’s first and only curated recovery technology for accelerated ransomware recovery – the Druva Curated Recovery.

Drvua, a leader in cloud data protection and management, has introduced one of the industry’s first curated recovery technology, leveraging intelligent automation, for accelerated ransomware recovery.

Adding to Druva’s groundbreaking Accelerated Ransomware Recovery module, Druva Curated Recovery mitigates the impact of a ransomware attack, building an uncorrupted, unencrypted and malware-free recovery point to ensure a successful recovery before one is ever initiated. Combining this comprehensive ransomware recovery module with Druva’s built-in security framework, businesses can now better protect critical data and recover faster with confidence.

Ransomware is one of the most popular methods used by hackers and malicious actors, and the average ransomware payment has surpassed US$240,000 according to a new survey from IDC. Its lucrative nature has incentivised bad actors to expand the scope of their attacks, including the introduction of new variants designed specifically to encrypt or delete backup data, destroying organisations’ last line of defence and further incentivising payment. 

Traditional recovery from such an attack requires identifying a single point in time prior to the infection. However, because ransomware often enters a system months before it is detected, administrators are often forced to manually search for the most recent, unaffected versions of individual files or datasets. Now, by reviewing a comprehensive set of recovery points, Druva Curated Recovery can help identify the latest clean version of each file through recent changes, replacing a weeks-long, resource-intensive process with a radically simplified recovery workflow. Using Druva’s intelligent automation platform, IT teams can easily find the most recent clean version of all their data and return operations to normal faster.

“Being the victim of a ransomware attack doesn’t need to be a choice between paying an exorbitant ransom or halting operations while IT teams go through an intensive, manual recovery process,” said Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO, Druva. “There’s no compelling reason to be held hostage by ineffective data protection technology. With our newest capabilities, every customer can gain the peace of mind of restoring their data with confidence.”

In addition to Druva’s Accelerated Ransomware Recovery, the Druva Cloud Platform offers a built-in security framework and multi-layer approach which is designed to be resilient against ransomware. The platform’s Zero Trust architecture ensures only customers have access to their data, while features such as excess deletion prevention stops ransomware from permanently deleting backups. 

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