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LCL Wallonia One receives three ISO certificates

LCL Wallonia One receives three ISO certificates

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LCL Data Centres has received ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 certificates for its Gembloux data centre in the last four months. LCL Wallonia One already had an ISO 27001 certificate – as LCL’s other data centres do – for the international standard for managing information security. These new certificates confirm that all LCL data centres apply best practices according to international standards for environmental, safety and quality management.

LCL Data Centres has been aware for several years that reports and certification are important. Thanks to a third-party and external evaluation by an independent organisation, LCL can now prove that its data centres meet the standards and requirements set by the market. These new certificates for ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 awarded to LCL Wallonia One underline that the Gembloux data centre (Namur Province) works in accordance with international standards for environmental, safety and quality management.

Laurens van Reijen, Managing Director of LCL Data Centres, said: “Certification is very important. It’s a key part of corporate governance and certainly so for a data centre. Put another way, these certifications that we receive also apply to our customers, whose ITC infrastructure is hosted in our data centres. This saves them from having to worry. LCL therefore attaches great importance to reassuring its customers, including through a wide range of services.”

“BSI was able to certify our Gembloux data centre in record time. This clearly shows that most of the right processes were already in place. We just had to objectively verify them, which means certifying them. We can now proudly say that our five data centres are fully certified,” said Mieke Germonprez, Quality Manager at LCL.

The three certificates received are different from each other. With the ISO 14001 certificate, LCL proves that it attaches the highest importance to the environment and sustainability. In January 2021, LCL was among the initiators of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP), a self-regulatory initiative aiming to make all data centres in Europe climate-neutral by 2030. This measure was taken to support the European Green Deal. LCL has already committed, among other steps, to use green energy and to continuously monitor its electricity consumption to identify energy losses. LCL Wallonia One also owns a 1 MW solar park that produces energy.

The ISO 45001 certificate proves that LCL Wallonia One fully complies with the new international standard for managing occupational health and safety. LCL has always been strongly committed to safety in order to prevent work-related accidents, incidents and health problems. However, in recent years, the data centres company has stepped up efforts in this field.

Lastly, the ISO 9001 certificate proves that the LCL’s data centre in Gembloux complies with international standards for quality management systems. This certificate is very much part of LCL’s customer intimacy strategy. “At LCL, we always aim for the highest quality. It’s important that we know our customers well and what their expectations are. So we regularly conduct surveys. This enables us to remain aware of their needs and to optimise our services to better meet those needs,” concluded Laurens van Reijen.

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