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ML and AI power data centre sector’s first software-embedded thermal advisory capability

ML and AI power data centre sector’s first software-embedded thermal advisory capability

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EkkoSense, a leading provider of software-driven optimisation solutions for critical data centre and M&E environments, has launched Cooling Advisor – a powerful Machine Learning and AI-powered advisory software tool that helps data centre operations teams to keep their critical facilities thermally-optimised.

Available as part of EkkoSense’s innovative EkkoSoft Critical SaaS-based M&E optimisation and capacity management solution, Cooling Advisor is the industry’s first process-driven embedded advisory capability available as part of a thermal optimisation solution. By following the clear recommendations offered by Cooling Advisor’s algorithms, data centre teams can keep on track in their journey to secure an average 30% cooling energy savings.

“Data centre rooms are constantly changing, especially with the constant addition and removal of IT equipment and associated cooling – so it’s really hard for operations team to make sure their critical facilities stay fully optimised,” said EkkoSense’s Chief Product Officer, Paul Milburn. “That’s where Cooling Advisor helps, providing a range of powerful self-optimising capabilities that enable data centre teams to ensure continuous year-round performance optimisation.

“However, unlike thermal consultants who may just suggest potential improvements, Cooling Advisor processes Machine Learning insights drawn from over 15 billion EkkoSoft critical data points to provide a clear recommendation of the next best action that the data centre team can take to improve their thermal performance. And because advisory actions are structured to ensure support for 100% ASHRAE rack thermal compliance, facilities managers can be confident that they will be protected against thermal risk across their operations.”

Cooling Advisor’s actionable changes include suggested optimum cooling unit setpoint adjustments, fan speed points and standby settings, changes to floor grille layouts, checking that cooling units are running to specification as well as advice on optimum rack locations. Recommendations are presented each time for human auditability before data centre operations team members make the suggested changes. They can then use EkkoSense’s data centre performance optimisation solution to confirm that Cooling Advisor recommendations are delivering the expected results. Cooling Advisor operation is particularly intuitive, with potential risk mitigated by the defining of clear action steps, the provision of obvious back-out mechanisms, as well as the ability to flag and unflag items so that optimisation suggestions aren’t repeatedly given for changes that cannot be implemented.

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