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How can the data centre sector develop a greener approach to operations?

As the abundance of data increases and data centres are expected to operate at a higher level, the importance of doing so with a green approach cannot be ignored. Alan Conboy, Office of the CTO at Scale Computing, says that data centres are used by almost all businesses in some way or another and some […]

Data centre cooling in the hyperscale era

Phil Smith, Construction Director, Next Generation Data, gives Intelligent Data Centres an insight into stepping up to the challenges of rising power densities.  The dawn of a new decade is seeing many more IT projects and applications consuming greater power per unit area. Power densities in the hyperscale era are rising. Some racks are now pulling 60 kWs or more […]

Altron Karabina expert on the impact of cloud service in South Africa

It is now nearly a year since Microsoft launched its two Azure data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Ryan Jamieson, Solutions and Innovation Officer at Altron Karabina, tells us that, in a perfect world, these would have resulted in an instantaneous uptake of the cloud, but these things do take time. Much of the […]

Expert predicts the next generation of data centres

From the confluence of major IT trends to the increasing social demand to halt climate change, green energy is again, top of the agenda. Major changes in this area are expected to be introduced by the government, energy generation and energy distribution companies. They are the major forces that construct the energy market and will […]

Clearing the airwaves – Debunking myths about 5G

With the introduction of new technologies comes an abundance of doubt and hearsay. Lindsay Notwell, SVP 5G Strategy and Global Carrier Relations, Cradlepoint, is here to tell us how the myths surrounding 5G are exactly that and why CIOs should consider integrating 5G into their current and next-generation wide-area network plans. The rollout of 5G […]

Experts discuss the benefits of moving public apps to an on-premise environment

The global findings of Nutanix’s second global Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey and research report found that 84% of respondents in South Africa (compared to 73% globally and 71% across EMEA) are either moving public apps back to on-premise environments or planning to do so. Industry experts discuss these results in more detail. Ian Jansen […]

Scality predictions for the data storage industry

As this year takes hold, we are beginning to see some interesting trends developing in the data centre sector. Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality, predicts the evolutions he expects to take place in storage at the Edge, multi-cloud, Digital Transformation, data breaches and sustainability.   Object storage at the Edge will be on flash  […]

Six critical attack vectors to watch out for in your data centre

Data centres can be considered a silver-bullet to a successful hack if an attacker gets their hands on the data they contain. Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director, Vectra, highlights the most critical attack vectors that sophisticated attackers tend to use against data centres. Data centres and the wealth of information they contain, represent a tantalising prize […]

Mastering the complexity of multi-cloud in 2020

As enterprises’ demands look set to continue maturing this year, they are better able to distinguish between cloud platforms and identify which ones work best for their applications. “It’s no longer about moving to cloud, it’s about which cloud,” said Andrew Cruise, Managing Director at Routed, Africa’s only vendor neutral cloud infrastructure provider. “Now that […]

Is the industry on the Edge of a great opportunity?

The term ‘Edge Computing’ is now widely used among business leaders as we discover more about its underlying potential. Stephen Whatling, Chairman at Business Critical Solutions, discusses how Edge Computing is contributing to the development of the data centre landscape to support the growing demand for connectivity and availability. The changing landscape The data centre […]

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