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The effects of COVID-19 on the data centre industry

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through many industries, with some benefitting from the lockdown phase and others doing their best to get by. Stephen Whatling, Chairman at Business Critical Solutions (BCS), predicts some of the long-term effects of lockdown on the data centre industry. Increasing demand As we continue to respect the government’s advice to stay […]

CNet offers Masters degree program in light of industry progression

CNet Training is giving people with an interest in the industry, a chance to become part of the elite group of worldwide data centre professionals. Its Masters degree program in Data Centre Leadership and Management intends to expand existing skills and knowledge of talented technical managers to business leadership. Data centres are complex facilities that […]

Ensuring data centre cleanliness: Flawless facilities, flawless performance

Data centre leaders must ensure their facilities are well maintained and advanced cleaning methods are used to ensure they can operate to the best of their ability. Mike Meyer, Managing Director at Critical Facilities Solutions UK, explains why having a clean data centre is essential for faultless performance. As home to mission-critical equipment, it’s easy […]

Experts discuss managing data explosion as Digital Transformation takes hold

Data is, without a doubt, extremely valuable and is becoming more so as Digital Transformation dominates the technology industry. Its growth in terms of sheer volume is causing IT leaders to become concerned as they are tasked with storing, preserving and managing the data. A resulting concern is unavoidably, cost. Businesses across the globe are […]

Liquid cooling at the Edge – It’s already here

Edge Computing is becoming more popular as business leaders are discovering the efficiencies it offers. David Craig, CEO of Iceotope, discusses implementing liquid cooling at the Edge as an efficient and more environmentally friendly solution to the massive amount of technology that must be close to the data generation and use locations. Edge will become […]

Delivering the right IT service during lockdown and beyond, while keeping cost and risk to a minimum

IT departments must implement strategies that are easily accessible for the whole business, and having the right technology in place to achieve this is crucial. Jeremy Atkins, UKI Sales Director – Enterprise & Public Sector at Commvault, explains why agility and flexibility will be key to success as we prepare to emerge from the pandemic and […]

Green IT — a sustainability strategy for Middle East innovators

As the amount of data inflates exponentially, more and more data centres are being established to serve this Digital Transformation. Patrick Smith, EMEA Field CTO, Pure Storage, discusses ways of reducing the environmental impact caused and how to manage the pressure to deliver sustainable IT operations. Green initiatives are nothing new in the Middle East, […]

Do you want to become an expert in data centre energy management?

Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training, outlines the Certified Data Centre Energy Professional (CDCEP) program. This is an increasingly popular program as data centre managers and professionals are looking for innovative ways to cut carbon emissions and reduce the energy use within their data centres. It is an issue of utmost importance and one that continues […]

Bringing power flexibility to cloud-scale and wholesale data centres

Ed Ansett, Chairman, i3 Solutions, discusses how Adaptable Redundant Power (ARP) meets some of the biggest challenges faced by the hyperscale, wholesale and colocation data centre market. The top five data centre REITs have a combined market cap approaching US$100 billion. Aggregated revenues for the top 10 biggest data centre operators are around US$18 billion. […]

Data centre industry keeps its cool

Matteo Mezzanotte, PR, Communication and Content Manager, Submer Immersion Cooling, discusses the importance of sustainable innovation and how such an approach can positively shape the future of the data centre industry. The cooling principle If you ever had the pleasure of visiting one of the many Greek islands, you probably brought back with you unforgettable […]

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