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CNet expert tells us what sets the education provider apart from the rest

Melissa Chambal, US LATAM & Canada Technical Manager and 7×24 Exchange International Career Development Mentor at CNet Training, joined the company with over 20 years’ data centre and network infrastructure experience, plus five years teaching data centre design and network design programs. She has taught at the Top Gun Marine base in California and performed […]

Serverfarm expert discusses the pandemic-driven Edge

As a result of the pandemic, online user behaviour has transformed. Arun Shenoy, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Serverfarm, explains why Edge Computing investments are expected to see a massive ROI by helping to maintain productivity as the use of Edge data centres increases. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for digitalisation coupled […]

Aggreko expert on changing the supply chain challenge to mitigate risk

Although data centre supply chains have not experienced the same level of disturbances as many other sectors due to the pandemic, John Lewis, Managing Director, Aggreko Africa, argues that there is still a requirement for companies to ensure their supply chains are secure while there is a potential for continued disruption. He tells us why […]

Delivering value-added data centre solutions for the modern and transformed enterprise

To achieve their goals of Digital Transformation, many organisations have looked closely at their data centre environment. Wang Di, President, Huawei Digital Power, Middle East, highlights examples of how Huawei has worked closely with customers in the region to enable their organisations to scale.   Across the entirety of 2020, the business environment has become […]

QSC EMEA ’21: The evolution of the Qualys Cloud Platform

The need for organisations to have a cloud-based security and compliance platform was highlighted by Sumedh Thakar Interim CEO and Chief Product Officer, Qualys, during his keynote at the QCS EMEA ’21 virtual event. He told attendees how organisations had just begun to get a grip of the role of security in Digital Transformation initiatives […]

Why the Middle East and Africa are at the forefront of data centre transformation

As the data centre industry rapidly evolves, we must consider the driving factors behind the change in order to continue at pace. Ehab Kanary, Vice President of Enterprise Infrastructure for the Middle East and Africa at CommScope, considers some of the hallmarks for data centre change this year. End-user spending on global data centre infrastructure is projected […]

Ensuring a robust cabling infrastructure strategy for optimum data centre performance

With more companies investing in data-led technologies, organisations are aiming to improve their competitiveness within markets. From sensor applications within factory machinery to running a large company, increasingly the information required for success now relies upon high-speed data, hence the importance of efficient data cabling networks. Mark Froggatt, Technical Director at BASEC, answers some key […]

Who accounts for the economic and carbon cost of SaaS data centre power?

Ed Ansett, Co-founder and Chairman of i3 Solutions Group, discusses the position of SaaS providers who act as both customer and supplier. He explores whether power use is rising up the agenda for SaaS companies and their customers and if not, why not? Few consumers think about the electricity that powers their applications. But for […]

Expert discusses how to get that little bit more out of your data centre

There are various ways to get the best out of your data centre. Zac Potts, Associate Director (Data Centre Design) – Sudlows, discusses what this means and why it is critical to invest in definition and design in order to lay strong foundations for reliable performance. What does it mean to you to be squeezing […]

Deep Dive: Simon Bennett, CTO for EMEA, Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology is a leading end-to-end multi-cloud technology solutions company. As CTO for EMEA, Simon Bennett discusses his role at the company and tells us how he likes to relax and unwind outside the office. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the data centre industry? Many years ago in a previous […]

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