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Deep Dive: Mark Grindey, CEO, Zeus Cloud

Deep Dive: Mark Grindey, CEO, Zeus Cloud

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We ‘Deep Dive’ with Mark Grindey, CEO, Zeus Cloud, who tells us more about life inside and outside the office.

Mark Grindey, CEO, Zeus Cloud

What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the data centre industry?

Introducing AI into networking for clients has been one of the most memorable achievements because of all the amazing benefits and capabilities AI can provide. We have been able to use AI to help our team and clients find networking faults more swiftly. This is because the AI in networking can identify cable failures, faults and can even map out the cables, saving a lot of time and hassle.

What first made you think of a career in technology/data centres?

I started developing software for care homes and the public sector in 2014. However, I was starting to get fed up with using hosting providers, because we were always encountering issues. So, to resolve the issues we were facing, we got the equipment and tools to host our systems ourselves, which over time evolved as we moved to cloud and then colocation.

What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position?

The style of management philosophy that I employ with my current position is the same as our company ethos: Compassion, Protect, Innovate. Prioritising staff and protecting them is important, but compassion is also key in the workplace. By pushing individuals to excel. This philosophy and management not only ensures a secure work environment but also helps both employees and the company towards constant improvement.

What do you think is the current hot talking point within the data centre space?

Sustainability and green energy are big hot talking points within the data centre industry due to their environmental impact, especially since the emphasis on environmental responsibility has grown over the years. Those in the data centre space, and even companies generally, are now facing pressure to adopt eco-friendly measures, including energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy; something that is considered vital in data centres.

How do you deal with stress and unwind outside the office?

When dealing with stress and trying to unwind outside office life, I sometimes go out for drinks with colleagues or friends when there’s live music or for a game of pool. But I mostly enjoy quality time with my daughter, the most significant person in my life. Going to activities like swimming or soft play with my daughter not only helps me unwind, but also brings me joy seeing her happy. To me, recognising the importance of family, these moments contribute to a balanced work and home life.

What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment in your industry?

The three major areas of investment in our industry are currently: AI, sustainability and data centre space. Everyone knows that AI has been a major hit in all areas of technology. It has made certain tasks easier and has even improved upon them in some cases. For instance, we have integrated AI into our networking systems recently, which helps identify cable failures and faults, saving time for both our support team and clients. Sustainability is also a big thing with businesses pushing to be more eco-friendly to help with environmental efforts. The matter of data centres and the net technical space they have is also a major area of investment due to the rapid growth of cloud technologies.

What are the region-specific challenges you encounter in your role?

As a global company, challenges can vary depending on what country or state they’re in. But recently our biggest challenge has been trying to bring more technology and infrastructure to South-West England, where there is a large need and demand for technology. However, it has been challenging due to the resistance against new and unfamiliar technology in the area as a lot of the community is used to being more rural.

What changes to your job role have you seen in the last year and how do you see these developing in the coming months?

While I’ve always embraced a hands-on technical approach in my role, recent changes have confined me to a desk, resulting in me carrying out more strategic business administrative tasks. The shift towards more desk-bound responsibilities over the past few months has heavily altered my dynamic. However, I anticipate a continued focus on my administrative duties now that I have been pulled into the C-Suite environment due to the rapid growth of the business. Much to look forward too.

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