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How to revolutionise data centres for a sustainable tomorrow

Uwe Erlenwein, Head of Data Centre Construction, IONOS, addresses the data centre’s race to net zero with strategies for operators to hit carbon emissions targets, and outlines the environmental improvements at IONOS. Companies around the world are embarking on a journey towards net zero, undoubtedly driven by their own desires for a more sustainable future but also […]

Charting the course: Data centres in 2024 and the unprecedented transformations ahead

The new year coincides with ushering in a new era for the modern data centre industry. Josh Joshi, Executive Chairman, AtlasEdge, tells us that we should brace for AI-driven demands, strategic partnerships and regulatory entanglements which will inevitably redefine our digital landscape. The modern data centre industry is 25 years old this year, marking an […]

Research shows security and compliance concerns drive upward trend in data centre investment

The latest study by Telehouse International Corporation of Europe, a leading global data centre services provider, has revealed that a large proportion of IT decision-makers are gearing up for higher investments in data centres. The report, Vision 2030: Identifying and navigating the emerging demands on your digital infrastructure, surveyed 250 UK IT decision-makers on digital […]

Navigating the 2024 data centre landscape

Approaching the new year brings optimism for some along with a sense of urgency for others, as talent issues and security concerns spill into the start of 2024. We hear from three industry experts who discuss their expectations for the year ahead, focusing on sustainability, infrastructure developments and compliance. Page Haun, Chief Marketing Officer and […]

How can data centre managers foster an environment that encourages new talent and incentivise progression in the data centre space?

Recent research has highlighted the fragility of the digital infrastructure industry’s recruitment. As fewer young people are entering the data centre space despite growth in the sector, we get insight into the importance of new talent for the industry and how digital twins might be a solution. The data centre industry is in danger of […]

Data centre dilemma: Aiming for growth in a power-constrained market

Jacob Albers, Head of Alternatives Insights, Cushman & Wakefield, reflects on the data centre market in Northern Virginia and the issues set to face the landscape in the new year. While demand is continuing to grow voraciously for data centre space, the supply of new facilities has barely been able to keep pace – creating […]

Deep Dive: Steve Hollingsworth, Director, Covenco

We ‘Deep Dive’ with Steve Hollingsworth, Director, Covenco, who tells us about life inside and outside the office. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the data centre industry? I’m particularly proud of the length of time I have worked in the industry, and of course how over that time I have […]

Flue foresight: Stop design problems at the source

Dean Moffatt, Technical Sector Expert, Schiedel, describes how making an often-overlooked piece of data centre build a priority can help design out risk from a project, right from the beginning.  The need for more data centres could not be more apparent. From 2015 to 2021, data centre workloads increased by 260% – a trend that […]

Is it time to look at a new build strategy?

Data centre build requirements are driven by a number of factors – a major one being sustainability capabilities. Angela Vico Correas, Director, studioNWA, considers the pillars of an effective build strategy to ensure modern data centres continue to evolve. In an era dominated by digitisation, data centres have emerged as the essential backbone of the […]

Schneider Electric issues industry-first blueprint for optimising data centres to harness the power of AI

Schneider Electric, a leader in the Digital Transformation of energy management and automation, has introduced an industry-first guide to addressing new physical infrastructure design challenges for data centres to support the shift in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven workloads, setting the gold standard for AI-optimised data centre design. Titled, The AI Disruption: Challenges and Guidance for Data […]

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