Huawei Middle East IT Day 2022 spotlights full-stack data centre solutions

Huawei Middle East IT Day 2022 spotlights full-stack data centre solutions

The Huawei Middle East IT Day 2022, held under the theme of ‘Green Data, Super Power’, recently brought together Huawei experts, independent analysts and customers to discuss the role of modern data centre and storage technology in helping businesses innovate faster.

Digitalisation is accelerating in the region, putting pressure on existing IT systems. This has led to a surge in demand for agile, scalable and cost-effective all-flash storage that can deliver on Digital Transformation needs better than traditional storage systems.

Addressing the summit, Steven Yi, President for Middle East & Africa, Huawei, said: “Countries in the Middle East and Africa are keen to adopt new technologies, as we have seen with the fast development of 5G in the region. We will continue to work with our customers and partners to lead the next wave of Digital Transformation and drive the national transformation visions.”

Other keynote speakers at IT Day included Bill Raftery, VP of Storage Solutions, Huawei,whose speech titled, ‘Redefining All-Flash Data Center’ emphasised the importance of innovative technologies such as flash-based storage platforms and how they enable organisations to accelerate Digital Transformation. He also stressed the applicability of Huawei’s pioneered technology in different verticals such as tax/finance and oil and gas.

Fahem Al Nuaimi, CEO of Ankabut, shared insights on building an intelligent full-stack data centre in the UAE. He said: “An intelligent full-stack data centre enables us to offer digitalised education services, making the academic process more efficient while boosting collaboration.”

All industries urgently need to prepare for the digital economy but they also need costs and energy consumption to come down. Huawei’s all-flash data centre solutions present a faster, greener and more reliable solution for enterprises to better and more cost-effectively manage data. They also significantly improve intelligent management as the flash disk life can be monitored and predicted. And, with enough flexibility, they provide optimal latency for workloads, leading to improved customer experience, shorter deployment times and a much lower frequency of latency issues.

Currently, Huawei has 12 R&D centres, over 4,000 R&D personnel and 3,000 patents dedicated to storage, helping more than 15,000 customers in over 150 countries. Huawei data storage ranks number three worldwide and has achieved Gartner recognition for more than five years.

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