CoreSite implements an energy-efficient cooling system in its Boston data centre

CoreSite implements an energy-efficient cooling system in its Boston data centre

CoreSite, a leading hybrid IT solutions provider and subsidiary of American Tower Corporation, has announced it will now serve customers in its Boston data centre facility with a highly energy-efficient cooling system that will save an estimated 8 million kilowatt-hours each year. The equipment upgrade is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to deploy efficient power and cooling best practices throughout its portfolio of data centres.

CoreSite’s Boston data centre, or BO1, which borders Cambridge and Boston’s central business district, has a new chiller plant consisting of three chillers with magnetically levitated centrifugal compressors where each line-up functions independently. The upgraded chiller plant also includes a series-integrated plate heat exchanger for partial to full economisation. This more efficient cooling system improves the site Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), decreasing the building energy consumed relative to CoreSite’s customers’ IT power use.

“As a multitenant colocation provider, we deliver cooling based on the varying power densities customers need,” said Brian Warren, CoreSite’s Senior Vice President of Development and Product Engineering. “Regardless of the density of the computing environments, this new plant allows us to design specific solutions to meet each of our customer’s unique requirements. Just like this upgrade to the cooling system in our Boston market, we continually look for opportunities throughout our data centre portfolio to implement efficiency practices as we continue on our sustainability journey.”

CoreSite monitors airflow around each of its facilities and determines how best to leverage outside air, when possible, to cool its facilities more efficiently. In Boston and other campuses, CoreSite can use outside air for free cooling up to 60% of the time.

With more than 253,000 square feet of space, CoreSite’s Boston data centre is positioned to provide low-latency connectivity to a diverse customer base including financial, technological and educational enterprises.

As one of the most interconnected buildings in New England, the Boston data centre offers native cloud onramps to AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange is also available at BO1, along with 20+ cloud offerings and 35+ networks. BO1 is strategically located close to CoreSite’s network-dense, cloud-enabled data centre campus in New York, including the Manhattan (NY1) and Secaucus, New Jersey (NY2) data centres.

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