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Scality and HPE GreenLake accelerate on-premises cloud services to keep data sovereign

Scality and HPE GreenLake accelerate on-premises cloud services to keep data sovereign

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Scality has announced the availability of its Scality S3 Object Storage on the HPE GreenLake Cloud Services platform to accelerate on-premises cloud services for customers who want to retain their data sovereignty, scale easily and manage costs. The two companies are committed to solving the greatest data challenges across the globe and together are delivering innovation that helps more businesses achieve results that drive the success of their businesses.

For organisations that house sensitive data, like the Edmonton Police Service and Claro, moving to the public cloud isn’t always the best option. Scality S3 Object Storage with HPE GreenLake provides these organisations with an alternative: on-premises, cloud-like data services that meet data sovereignty goals and requirements and keep data secure. This integration keeps up with increasing capacity requirements despite rapid growth and supply chain concerns. It’s the cloud that comes to you — wherever your apps and data live.

Together, HPE and Scality have deployed over an exabyte of storage, with hundreds of joint customers in more than 40 countries. Benefits for organisations that implement Scality S3 Object Storage with HPE GreenLake include:

  • Freedom from being beholden to Amazon or the public cloud – and, therefore, no expensive data access or egress fees.
  • Scalable, highly available, highly durable (14:9s) and cost-effective storage for all of their applications with data immutability for ransomware protection.
  • S3-compliant object storage that’s managed for them by HPE and keeps data secure and sovereign.

“Customers need storage solutions that can be customised to their specific need, especially when moving data to public clouds is not an option,” said Maurice Martin, Vice President, HPE GreenLake Partner Ecosystem. “What’s more, they need that solution to scale without excessive fees. HPE GreenLake and Scality have partnered to provide a future-proof solution for the modern business.” 

“Scality gives us the flexibility to scale out our platform and store data, such as digital evidence files and camera footage, in the way that meets our needs,” added Gary Wong, Infrastructure Manager, Edmonton Police. “We sought a solution that was cost-effective and reliable for the foreseeable future, which is exactly what Scality through HPE GreenLake provides. Scality and HPE enable us to enjoy a cloud-like experience while keeping our data secure on-premises.” 

“We’ve realised a 30% reduction in storage infrastructure costs by modernising with Scality and the HPE GreenLake Edge-to-cloud platform,” said Roberto Zambrano, Product and Presales Manager, Claro. “The biggest benefit has been passed on to our healthcare clients, who now access critical patient data, like CT scans, three to five times faster than before. Regulations require our largest healthcare clients to keep patient information local and sovereign. With HPE GreenLake and Scality, we can meet these regulations while keeping data safe from threats such as major outages in a local world-class data centre.”

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