Huawei to address future cybersecurity challenges at CSIS 2022

Huawei to address future cybersecurity challenges at CSIS 2022

UAE, August 24, 2022, Huawei will showcase its cybersecurity capabilities and thought leadership role at the third Cybersecurity Innovation Series (CSIS) UAE Chapter in Dubai on September 6-7. Endorsed by the UAE Cyber Security Council, CSIS brings together ICT industry leaders and cybersecurity professionals to explore steps organizations should take to remain resilient and adapt to the ever-evolving nature of cyber-attacks.

Aloysius Cheang, Chief Security Officer, Huawei UAE

Huawei experts will participate in keynotes, discussions and panels throughout the event. Aloysius Cheang, Chief Security Officer, Huawei UAE, will recommend a “return to basics to address cybersecurity challenges of the future” in a keynote on the first day. Meanwhile, Ashraf Esmat Khalil, Head of Solution Architect, Huawei Cloud Middle East, will participate in a panel discussion titled, “Safe or unsafe? Why is cloud security important for business?” and Hulk Zhang, Principle Cybersecurity Engineer, Huawei UAE will participate in the panel discussion titled,  “Future of Cyber Security: Challenges, best practices, and effective strategies to create Cyber-Safe Society.”

Aloysius Cheang, Chief Security Officer, Huawei UAE, said, “Even in the era of advanced threats and highly sophisticated threat actors, going back to the basics and leveraging hard-wired technical capabilities and experience is often the difference between success and failure. The improved efficiency and accuracy acquired through practice and repetition help reduce the margin of error and streamline process and procedures in any cyber defense activity.”

In his keynote, Aloysius highlighted the importance of recognizing cybersecurity as a critical business enabler and the need for cybersecurity professionals, especially the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), to get it right. Cybersecurity professionals need to treasure the opportunity given to the CISO in the new digital age where cloud computing heralds a new era and computing is entrenched as a basic utility. Further, IT is hitting the mainstream and IT and security experts are moving into executive management teams and the board as part of corporate strategic goals.

Therefore, building the necessary framework that will allow for solid capacity-building for the youth in the cybersecurity domain is a pre-requisite in today’s digital world, as is upgrading and upskilling for experienced hires or anyone considering a mid-career switch.

“We are committed to adopting open and verifiable security standards such as GSMA NESAS /3GPP SCAS for 5G Security, GSMA 5G Security Knowledge Base and OIC 5G Security Framework. We have in-depth experience collaborating with our customers on advanced tech and industry 4.0 solutions, including 5G, Cloud, AI, and IoT for major industry verticals. Our expertise and solutions are developed and delivered by observing security-by-design and privacy-by-design principles that will allow our customers to safeguard their digital future,” Aloysius concluded.

Huawei believes that the cybersecurity challenge is complex and calls for broad collaboration as it is a shared responsibility that cannot be addressed by one person, organization or nation alone. Huawei is pleased to contribute its cybersecurity know-how and collaborate in an open,  transparent approach targeted at shared success with all stakeholders in cyberspace to ensure end-to-end cybersecurity that will be critical for the company to realize its vision of building a fully connected, intelligent world.

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