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Castrol’s work with Submer on immersion cooling gains momentum

Castrol’s work with Submer on immersion cooling gains momentum

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Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricant and immersion coolant brands, is working with Submer, a frontrunner in immersion cooling systems. Castrol’s cooling fluids are designed to maximise data centre cooling efficiency, offer enhanced equipment protection and can help safeguard against facility downtime by comprehensive material testing.

Immersion cooling involves submerging electronic components in a non-conductive (‘dielectric’) liquid coolant. Compared to conventional cooling methods, immersion cooling can help reduce the consumption of energy and water needed to cool servers and storage devices and enables the reuse of generated waste heat.

Submer has now conducted a comprehensive compatibility study through its Immersion Centre of Excellence on Castrol ON Immersion Cooling Fluid DC 20. The product exceeded Submer’s technical requirements and has now been fully approved and warranty-backed for use across Submer equipment.

“This is a significant milestone in Castrol’s collaboration with Submer,” said Nicola Buck, SVP Marketing bp and CMO Castrol. “We are now well-positioned to work together in developing a joint offer to data centre customers and magnify each other’s market reach and impact. We aspire to make immersion cooling technology mainstream in the data centre industry and will develop integrated customer offers to further improve the technology and address hurdles for adoption.”  

Buck added: “We strongly believe in the future of immersion cooling technology as it can help achieve significant operational benefits for the data centre industry and address some of its future challenges. Through this collaboration with Submer, we want to help optimise the efficiency and energy usage across some of the world’s most powerful data centres. This is also aligned with Guiding Principle 4 of our PATH360 sustainability programme and the work we are doing with our customers to help them save energy, waste and water.”

“Submer’s journey to fluid standardisation began in 2020. We’re now proud to be seeing tangible results from our rigorous array of testing, including thermal performance, oxidation and a sustainability assessment, all of which ensure all fluids meet industry standards. With Castrol on board, the widescale adoption of immersion cooling is one step closer,” said Peter Cooper, VP of Fluids and Chemistry at Submer.

Castrol is working with Submer on a strategy to accelerate megawatt-scale immersion cooling deployments. This collaboration aims to accelerate the development of integrated energy and service concepts, with the aim of reducing energy and water consumption within the industry. Submer will combine its immersion cooling and IT system design with Castrol’s expertise in thermal management to bring a unique value proposition to the global data centre industry. 

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