Customisable rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) improve data centre energy efficiency

Customisable rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) improve data centre energy efficiency

Elcom International, a global manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic components, has announced the availability of the company’s innovative ELCOM-ELGO line of Power Distribution Units (PDUs). The industry’s first non-intrusive, field-customisable rack PDU allows data centre operators to improve their power usage efficiency (PUE) by ensuring servers and networking products always have the correct outlet type available.

ELCOM-ELGO PDUs provide new power distribution flexibility to data centre managers. These innovative PDUs use patented ELCOM-ELGO Connectors to make it easy to change or reconfigure electrical outlets even while the PDU is in use. This flexibility means that data centre operators will always have the right outlet available and can hot-swap outlets as needed, including upgrading from C13 to C15 or C19 to C21, for servers and other rack-mounted equipment. NEMA outlets, often used for networking products and other accessories, are also supported. 

Once deployed, ELGO eliminates the need to replace installed PDUs, which reduces the need for complete PRU re-investment and eliminates the costly system downtime required to change PDUs. Elcom’s finger-safe safety cage conforming to IEC 61032 standards allows users to safely swap outlets on-site through the use of Elcom’s proprietary extraction tool.   

At the Data Center World conference in Austin, TX, Dr Girish Vaze, Elcom Chairman and Managing Director, said: “We are incredibly proud to announce this innovation in rack PDUs. ELCOM-ELGO extends PDU investments and will save countless hours of downtime that would be otherwise required to deploy new PDUs when equipment changes are made. ELGO will benefit our partners as they will no longer need to stock many different PDU models; instead, they will only need to stock the core PDU chassis which they can easily configure to any specific requirement, reducing their inventory costs while also eliminating product delays that can occur when a specific configuration is requested that is currently not on hand. Overall, this is a significant win for our partners and their clients.”

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