NetSuite confirms ‘first time’ Canadian data centre expansion

NetSuite confirms ‘first time’ Canadian data centre expansion

To expand its footprint of data centres around the world and meet the demand of a growing customer base in Canada, NetSuite is now running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI) cloud regions in Toronto and Montreal. 

This is the first time the NetSuite service is running from data centres in Canada. All new NetSuite customers in Canada will be provisioned in the Toronto or Montreal cloud regions with existing Canadian customers migrated in the coming months. 

Throughout this process, customers are promised ‘no difference’ in NetSuite functionality. 

The OCI cloud regions will provide low-latency and high-speed data transfer to help give Canadian customers what is pitched as the ‘fastest and most reliable’ NetSuite experience. 

“By making NetSuite available in the Oracle Cloud Montreal and Oracle Cloud Toronto regions, we will be able to help Canada-based customers reduce cross-border data transfers, making it easier to comply with local laws, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA),” said Brian Chess, SVP Cloud Operations, Oracle NetSuite. 

“In addition, we can help customers ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data classified by the Canadian government as Protected B information. With two separate data centres in Canada, we are able to provide robust Disaster Recovery capabilities that help customers comply with regulatory requirements around data residency.”

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