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FNT Software announces partnership with DC Smarter to transform data centre processes with AR

FNT Software announces partnership with DC Smarter to transform data centre processes with AR

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FNT Software, a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data centre and telecommunication infrastructures worldwide, has announced its partnership with DC Smarter, a provider of highly skilled data centre field engineering services, augmented by Mixed Reality Technology. Together, FNT and DC Smarter are enabling customers to utilise innovative Augmented Reality (AR) software to optimise data centre infrastructure management (DCIM).

DC Smarter’s AR software, DC Vision, has been combined with FNT’s DCIM solution, FNT Command, to enhance data centre processes. Based on a digital twin, mapped by the full documentation of all assets in FNT Command, DC Vision visualises a wide range of information via AR glasses, smartphone or tablet, which simplifies access to existing data and makes the implementation of planned changes and repairs in data centres more transparent. With FNT Command, important data pertaining to individual devices or connections in the racks, such as repair instructions, work instructions, functions for temperature monitoring or features for reporting and error management, can be easily accessed and updated. 

AR provides valuable services for process optimisation. For example, various resources in the data centre, such as servers, switches and storage systems, can be displayed and managed transparently by visually overlaying the real view. AR can also be used to assist with maintenance and repair tasks, such as replacing a malfunctioning component, in the AR glasses. Technical specialists on-site can immediately see which tools they need and what steps to follow, significantly reducing errors and accelerating the maintenance process.

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