DCI Indonesia achieves Tier IV Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability

DCI Indonesia achieves Tier IV Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability

PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCI), a leading data centre infrastructure provider in Indonesia, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first data centre operator in South East Asia to be awarded the Tier IV Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS) by Uptime Institute, the Global Digital Infrastructure Authority that focuses on assessing and improving the reliability, resiliency and sustainability of data centres and critical infrastructure.

The Tier IV Gold TCOS Certification completes DCI’s set of top global benchmarks together with Tier IV Certification of Design Documents and Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facilities.

Building upon the foundations of its Tier IV Certified Design, the highest possible for data centres, DCI confirmed the quality of its construction, infrastructure and facilities through live performance demonstrations under various real-world conditions. By proving that its data centres are constructed as per the Tier IV Design, DCI Indonesia earned the Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility award. Combined with automation and operational excellence, DCI has consistently maintained 100% uptime availability since its establishment in 2013.

Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS) is renowned for its stringent evaluation of data centre operations, prioritised behaviours and risk assessment, ensuring effective and efficient performance. Earning the Tier IV Gold TCOS proves that DCI’s Tier IV designed and constructed data centre facility also has the highest standards in data centre management, operations and maintenance. DCI has demonstrated its proactive planning, risk mitigation and operational excellence that enables non-stop production and reliability across various operating conditions.

Yet, DCI’s distinctiveness goes beyond these achievements. Moreover, DCI has spearheaded the integration of automation and predictive maintenance into its operations, further increasing the reliability and efficiency of its data centres.

For DCI’s valued clients, the Tier IV Gold TCOS Certification assures them reliability, world-class service and trust. Exceptional management and operations framework and implementation, in line with the highest industry standards, leads to incident reduction and consistent SLA performance. A strong backbone of operations, facility, implementation and customer care teams are ready to assist them. Clients can scale their operations with confidence that there will be consistent operations across DCI Platform data centres.

“While the facility accounts for 20% of our foundation, the true driving force behind our success lies in the remaining 80% dedicated to our operations,” said Toto Sugiri, CEO of DCI Indonesia. “Our state-of-the-art facility provides a solid infrastructure but it is the synergy of our highly proficient and adaptable operations team that is the driving force of our success.”

As the first company in South East Asia to achieve the Tier IV Gold TCOS Certification, DCI represents Indonesia as one of the regional leaders in the data centre industry, setting new benchmarks for operational excellence and sustainability.

Uptime Institute’s recognition of DCI Indonesia’s accomplishments underscores the company’s dedication to best practices and surpassing industry standards for its partners and clients. The Tier IV Gold TCOS Certification award marks a significant achievement for DCI Indonesia and affirms its position as a leading data centre solutions provider in Indonesia and the region.

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