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New data centers to boost Hyperscale cloud services in Brazil

New data centers to boost Hyperscale cloud services in Brazil

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Scala Data centers building program backed by green debentures worth US$215 million.

Scala Data centers is powering up to meet the increasing demand for cloud services from Brazilian Hyperscale customers.

The company confirms that a new data center building program will be backed by the issuance of green debentures worth US$215 million.

The funds from these debentures will be allocated to the construction of data centers capable of handling the cloud demands of Hyperscale customers.

These new IT infrastructures will be built with maximum energy efficiency, an average annual PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness, an index that measures energy efficiency) of less than 1.45.

The strategy includes 100% of data centers powered by certified renewable energy, in a completely carbon-neutral operation – in line with Scala’s portfolio.

“We will continue to innovate to meet the growing demands of the Hyperscale market through future-proof constructions, which means, those which already consider the increase in densities per rack without interruptions in the production environment. These infrastructures combine flexibility and innovation to accommodate emerging technologies and new workloads yet to come to the region,” said Marcos Peigo, CEO and co-founder, Scala.

Latin America is an expanding market, currently valued at US$ 5.51 billion and expected to reach US$ 8.81 billion by 2028, according to data from consultancy Arizton.

The debentures, maturing in six years, are worth US$ 215 million, with the transaction representing the second largest issuance of its type carried out by the data center sector in Brazil – only behind Scala itself.

Ana Romantini, VP of Finance, Scala, said the conduct of a highly structured process for the issuance included the participation of several banks.

“Our request for proposals (RFP) attracted the participation of five financial institutions, generating offers of US$ 560 million. This success unequivocally reflects how the market has received the firm strategy of sustainable and long-term growth of Scala,” she states.

Given the sustainable actions underway since its founding, Scala was able to issue green debentures instead of Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLB), which are linked to future fulfilment. The company currently has a portfolio of data centers with the lowest PUE in Latin America and operates with carbon neutrality, in addition to professional and educational qualification initiatives in the communities where it operates.

Scala’s second issuance of green debentures had Bradesco BBI as lead coordinator, along with the UBS BB as coordinator.

The operation was issued in Brazilian Reais with a swap for US Dollars, to maintain the debt issuance in the same currency as the contracts established between the company and its clients – a protection against possible exchange rate fluctuations.

In December 2022, the company carried out its first issue of green debentures worth R$ 2 billion, which were used as part of the resources to finance the company’s expansion plan.

At the time, the operation was classified as the largest ever carried out in Brazil and the first of its kind in the data center sector in the country.

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