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EkkoSense introduces Digital Twin solution for comprehensive grey space modelling and simulation across data centre infrastructures

EkkoSense introduces Digital Twin solution for comprehensive grey space modelling and simulation across data centre infrastructures

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EkkoSense, a global leader in the provision of AI-powered data centre optimisation software, has introduced EkkoSIM – the first Digital Twin solution to provide comprehensive grey space modelling and simulation across full end-to-end data centre infrastructures. 

The EkkoSIM software platform draws on first principles maths and physics models to create the industry’s most precise data centre cooling, power and capacity simulations – with accuracy levels already running at 99% plus.

It is designed for CFOs validating their investments, CIOs trying to identify capacity bottlenecks for increasing IT loads or planning their optimum cooling strategy, or CTOs with engineering responsibility for keeping ahead of customer needs. The EkkoSIM Digital Twin helps data centre teams to zero in on the right decisions by creating, testing and analysing the results of multiple data centre ‘what if?’ scenarios. EkkoSIM can unlock the answers you need. It also provides a great way of establishing the likely impact of changing environmental conditions on your estate.

“It’s easy to underestimate the sheer pace of change in today’s data centre sector, particularly with operations teams under pressure to support the latest high-density AI loads and evolving cooling approaches,” said Dr Stu Redshaw, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, EkkoSense.

“That’s where EkkoSIM can really help, with our powerful ‘what if?’ analysis providing straight answers to some key data centre questions, including ‘how can I predict and maintain optimal performance?’; ‘what equipment do I need to replace and when?’; and ‘what spaces can I use for high-density loads such as AI?’,” Redshaw added.

The EkkoSIM interface clearly displays the capacity for each unique asset class based on the provisioned (maximum) and utilised (existing) site loads. EkkoSIM also integrates with the award-winning EkkoSoft Critical 3D platform, drawing on its 50 billion point data lake to provide live actual versus expected performance data in order to review operation performance against OEM specifications.

EkkoSIM will support unlimited simulation scenarios, with examples including the addition of new plant; increased IT loads; failover scenarios; reconfiguration of cooling systems; and viability of new power distribution systems. Other simulation options will include quick simulations, graphical analysis, configuration of electrical and mechanical systems, alternative cooling configurations for chilled water, split DX units, air-cooled chillers, liquid cooling IT racks and air economisers, as well as N+R and 2N+R resilience testing.

EkkoSense’s EkkoSoft Critical AI-powered optimisation software delivers quantifiable reductions in cooling energy usage. With its light-touch, software-based approach and non-invasive nature, EkkoSense also helps data centre teams to secure immediate benefits with results achieved in just weeks, and project ROI timescales of under 12 months in many regions.

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