ZutaCore’s HyperCool liquid cooling technology to support NVIDIA’s advanced GPUs for sustainable AI

ZutaCore’s HyperCool liquid cooling technology to support NVIDIA’s advanced GPUs for sustainable AI

ZutaCore, a leading provider of Direct-to-Chip, waterless liquid cooling solutions, has announced support for the NVIDIA H100 and H200 Tensor Core GPUs to help data centres maximum AI performance while delivering sustainability.

Several leading server manufacturers are engaged with ZutaCore to complete the certification and testing on these GPU platforms.

With the H100’s ability to speed up Large Language Models by 30x over the previous generation, and the H200 being touted as the world’s most powerful GPU for supercharging AI and HPC workloads, these are two of the highest performing chips ever designed.

However, with each GPU consuming 700W of power, this will challenge data centres that are already struggling to control their heat, energy consumption and footprint. 

ZutaCore’s Direct-to-Chip waterless two-phase liquid cooling technology, HyperCoolÒ, was designed specifically to solve these problems and has already been proven to cool the most powerful processors of 1,500W or more and currently for 100kW per rack of computing power.  

“Next-generation GPUs have unique cooling requirements that are most effectively solved by waterless, Direct-to-Chip liquid cooling technology for current GPU of 1500W while increasing rack-processing density by 300%,” said Erez Freibach, Co-founder and CEO, ZutaCore. “Not only do hyperscalers eliminate the risk and massive expense of water leakage in the server, but they can also scale their cooling needs with little to no modifications to current real estate, power, or cooling systems. This is a game changer for the future of AI and HPC.”

The increasing need for sustainable AI solutions highlights the importance of sustainable practices in data centres. ZutaCore’s partnership and white-label sales agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) dramatically addresses the pressing challenges faced by data centres today, including the enhancement of heat exhaust efficiency, promotion of energy conservation and decarbonisation.

The proven cooling power of HyperCoolÒ

Featuring a groundbreaking closed-loop system that operates at low pressure and moves large amounts of heat off the processors and away from the servers, ZutaCore’s HyperCool can be implemented in new or existing data centres to deliver 10x more computing power, a 50% reduction in total cost of ownership, 100% heat reuse and reduced CO2 emissions for a sustainable data. There is also a growing ecosystem of servers certified to work with HyperCool, including industry powerhouses such as Dell Technologies, ASUS, Pegatron and SuperMicro. 

“Two-phase Direct-to-Chip liquid cooling technologies have significant advantages, which is why we’ve already seen growing traction from CPU chip manufacturers,” said Peter Rutten, Research VP at IDC. “With the worldwide AI server market expected to reach US$49B by 2027, this announcement from ZutaCore supporting next generation GPUs designs is a significant milestone in the industry.”

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