Aurora Mobile’s EngageLab bolsters global service with new Hong Kong data centre

Aurora Mobile’s EngageLab bolsters global service with new Hong Kong data centre

Aurora Mobile, a premier provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services, has expanded its global infrastructure with the addition of a new data centre in Hong Kong.

This latest deployment for its customer engagement platform, EngageLab, marks the fourth node in Aurora’s worldwide network, joining existing facilities in Singapore, Virginia (US), and Frankfurt (Europe). This strategic expansion is poised to significantly enhance Aurora’s service capabilities throughout the APAC region, further supporting its growing international clientele and user base.

With the rapid growth in global data exchange, international clients are imposing increasingly stringent requirements around data security and compliance. The selection of data centre nodes for customer engagement services not only impacts data access speeds and user experience, but also directly correlates to data compliance and security assurances.

Multi-data centre deployment allows business clients to distribute applications and data across geographically dispersed facilities within the same organisation. This distributed storage model ensures data redundancy and reliability, minimising the risks of data loss or corruption.

Furthermore, the physical proximity of data centres to end-users affects communication latency when accessing the EngageLab platform. By strategically selecting the nearest data centre, Aurora Mobile can effectively reduce latency and enhance the user experience, facilitating faster access and utilisation of its services.

In addition, multi-data centre deployment empowers enterprises to better comply with diverse data security and regulatory requirements across different countries and regions, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US.

Going forward, Aurora Mobile will continue to expand its global service footprint, by continuing to invest in and develop its worldwide network data centres. Auroral Mobile aims to ensure clients can select the most suitable data centre that aligns with their business requirements, thereby enhancing its capability to serve an increasingly international client base and global user community.

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