New Eviden Escala scale-out server boosts application performance

New Eviden Escala scale-out server boosts application performance

Eviden, the Atos Group business leading in digital, cloud, Big Data and security, has announced its new Escala E1-1000 server, a compact Power10 server engineered to optimise data centre space and run workloads at the Edge, whilst maintaining the performance, security and reliability of an enterprise server.

Secured end-to-end, it delivers 3x more performance per core compared to previous generations, making it ideal for business-critical workloads and AI acceleration.

The E1-1000 is the latest in Eviden’s range of Escala servers, each featuring the Power10 processor. This new server enables businesses to reduce their IT footprint by up to 75%. 

Featured as a half-wide 2U rack or in a smaller tower chassis format (54% smaller than E2-1000), it enhances businesses’ IT footprint and with Eviden High Availability software it offers new opportunities and cost-effective solutions for clients looking for business continuity or for expanding applications from core to cloud and at the Edge.

Based on the Power10 chip accelerators (4 MMA engines /core and 8 SIMD engine/core), these CPUs provide an effective solution for AI inferencing at the Edge reducing latency, thereby improving AI model performance without the costly expense, maintenance, or noise disturbance associated with GPUs.

In addition, the Escala E1-1000 is a cloud-ready server, ideal for businesses looking to deploy a new cloud infrastructure, with agility, automation and security as key pillars. Multiple virtual servers can run on a single physical server leading to better resource utilisation and reduced energy consumption. The Escala E1-1000 also has built-in advanced thermal and power management, and together with its energy-efficient design, it enables businesses to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. 

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