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Experts discuss: Automation changing the data centre industry in the next 12 months

Schneider Electric, a leader in the Digital Transformation of energy management and automation, has joined other industrial leaders and pioneers to form (UAO), an independent, not-for-profit association managing the reference implementation of a shared source runtime. For the first time, IT and OT software vendors, industrial end-users, OEMs and academics will share a common automation software layer across their automation technology — regardless of brand. will drive […]

Data centre growth and investment in UK PLC

The UK is by far the largest data centre colocation market in Europe, a long way ahead of Germany, which is in itself way ahead of France and the Netherlands – but can we expect this to continue? Is the UK data centre sector still a force to be reckoned with and is the top […]

Conquering the next challenge for colocation providers: Speed

Ashish Moondra – Senior Product Manager, Power, Electronics & Software at Chatsworth Products (CPI), discusses the challenge that colocation providers are currently facing and suggests some best practice advice when looking to overcome this and get new customers up and running quickly. As the transition from the Information Age to the Age of Artificial Intelligence […]

How to run increased data centre workloads while delivering significant carbon savings

With organisations in the data centre sector expected to deliver on net zero carbon, they must make best use of the tools available to them in order to unlock significant data centre carbon reduction that the wider business requires. Dean Boyle, CEO, EkkoSense, draws upon some of the ways data centre managers can make smarter […]

Exploring the possibilities of ‘green data centres’

Achieving sustainable status when it comes to running a data centre is a top priority across the industry. Astrid Wynne, Techbuyer Sustainability Lead, discusses the various ways in which data centre leaders can drive change and ensure green operations. Data centres are the engine rooms of the digital revolution and servers are the heavy machinery. […]

Editor’s Question: How will adopting an Edge Computing strategy benefit organisations?

Scale Computing, a market leader in Edge Computing, virtualisation and hyperconverged solutions, has announced a collaboration with IBM that will help organisations adopt an Edge Computing strategy designed to enable them to move data and applications seamlessly across hybrid cloud environments, from private data centres to the Edge. Scale Computing is delivering on-premises Edge Computing […]

The new data centre boardroom

Peter Hannaford, Senior Partner at Portman Partners, describes the data centre leaders of tomorrow and how they must be the embodiment of the solutions to today’s challenges. There is no doubt and possibly an excess of conversation about how the events of 2020 impacted people and industries across the board. Still, one industry that until […]

Expert discusses air filters and air conditioning & handling units

Peter Dyment, Technical Manager – Camfil Ltd, discusses the purpose and function of air filters and how they should be best utilised to ensure optimum data centre performance. Data centre reliability is a top priority for data centre leaders and so must be acknowledged and ensured. Air filters must be best positioned to deal with […]

The data centre trends currently shaping the future of the industry

The past year has seen many of us working from home and spending a lot more time using streaming services and staying indoors. This has caused a greater demand on data centres worldwide leading to increased sales of equipment. Additionally, demand will also be driven by 5G data, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the evolution […]

Industry expert discusses getting holistic with air-cooling control

Dr Jon Summers, DCA Advisory Board and Scientific Lead in Data Centres at Research Institutes of Sweden, offers his best practice advice and discusses holistic air-cooling control in depth. When it comes to data centre operation, the control system and strategy that is adopted to keep all the IT systems humming within their desired environmental […]

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