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Navigating the nexus: The multifaceted appeal of the data centre industry

We highlight three pivotal factors set to define the appeal of the data centre sector in the future: the integral role of AI in driving market growth; the crucial impact of education initiatives; and the importance of community engagement in shaping the industry’s trajectory. Although the immense influence of data centres on life on Earth […]

Macquarie delivers 18th half of profitable growth driven by data centers

Company expects data centers earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) alone to be between A$34-35m. Macquarie Data Centers parent company, Macquarie Technology Group, has recorded its 18th consecutive half of profitable growth, with revenue reaching A$181.3m (up 5%) and net profit A$14.8m (up 74%). Looking ahead, the company expects data centers earnings before […]

Shaping data centres for AI, sustainability and beyond

The necessity for more capacity is unsurprising but adapting to the unpredictable speed of sectoral growth in an efficient, sustainable way should hold most significance. Steve Lim, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product at NTT Global Data Centers, dives into the heart of the digital revolution taking place, discussing how AI is set to reshape […]

Lenovo accelerates telco transformation with next-generation Edge AI innovations at MWC 2024

Collaborations enable telcos to create and deliver a broad array of AI workloads for customers with automated deployment of Edge-to-cloud AI infrastructure, networking, software, orchestration and management. At MWC 2024, Lenovo has unveiled next generation Integrated Edge AI Solutions for Telco that help enterprises go beyond the data centre to harness vast bodies of data […]

EXA infrastructure to implement new hybrid route between New York and London

EXA, the digital infrastructure expert, has announced plans to introduce a new hybrid microwave-fibre route between New York and London, extending its leadership in ultra-low latency transatlantic connectivity. EXA already owns and operates the lowest latency transatlantic cable, EXA Express, and this additional technology enhancement is crucial in applications like financial trading, where minimal delays […]

Behind the surge: Examining the extreme demand for enterprise data centres across North America

More than 60 years later, in the region that pioneered one of the first data centres, North America remains steadfast and unrivalled as a global tech powerhouse, dwarfing its European counterparts. Brett Lindsey, CEO at Involta, delves into the significance of the region and underscores its continuous potential for further achievements. More than any other […]

Unlocking change: The vital role of empowerment and education in fostering a circular culture

Design and interdisciplinary collaboration are crucial for promoting a greener culture within data centres. Deborah Andrews, Professor of Design for Sustainability and Circularity at London South Bank University, emphasises the need for designers to consider the environmental impact of their decisions throughout the product life cycle, and encourages further efforts into awareness, education and incentives […]

Get to know: Alex Brew, Regional Director, Northern Europe at Vertiv

On the lighter side of things, we ask Alex Brew, Regional Director, Northern Europe at Vertiv, what makes him tick.  What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? I would say landing the role of sales director for the UK and Ireland – which at the time was Vertiv’s largest region in EMEA – […]

Caterpillar demonstrates viability of using hydrogen fuel cell technology at Microsoft data centre

The demonstration marks significant progress toward providing data centres with reliable and sustainable backup power with hydrogen technology. Caterpillar has announced the success of its collaboration with Microsoft and Ballard Power Systems to demonstrate the viability of using large-format hydrogen fuel cells to supply reliable and sustainable backup power for data centres. The demonstration provided valuable insights into the capabilities of fuel […]

DataVita launches new service in response to exponential AI demand

Cleaner and cheaper energy positions Scotland as potential hotspot for multi-billion-pound data centre opportunity. DataVita – one of Scotland’s largest data centres and cloud services provider – has invested in new infrastructure and capabilities to host the High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads, supporting the exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  This marks a significant milestone, allowing […]

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