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How integration success is moulded by technology and trust in data centres

Alan Stephenson-Brown, CEO, Evolve Business Group, discusses the benefits of the unique relationship with Mako Networks, the importance of end-to-end PCI certification and why tech without trust is a non-starter when it comes to working with data centres. With a recent report finding that 87% of organisations have experienced negative outcomes resulting from low compliance maturity or […]

How optical fibre will help create a sustainable future for data centres

Virtual connection, technological advancement and desires for machines to function faster have inevitably led to data centres becoming more resource hungry. Industry experts at Corning Incorporated – Aislin Sullivan, Program Director, Sustainability; Dr Pushkar Tandon, Corporate Fellow; and Dr Roshene McCool, Senior Market and Technology Development Manager – and Sphera Solutions – Amalia Diaz and […]

Raising the shield: Implementing a unified architecture for data centre security

In the ever-evolving landscape of hyperscale data centres, Colt Data Centre Services navigates the cybersecurity frontier with Armor’s cutting-edge solutions. Guy Gibson, IT Infrastructure Manager at Colt DCS, sheds light on the transformative journey, revealing how a unified approach propels them toward unmatched efficiency, customer-centricity and seamless global expansion. As a global leader providing hyperscale […]

Decoding data centre infrastructure priorities in 2024

Embarking on a transformative journey into 2024, the data centre landscape gears up for unparalleled growth and innovation. From a relentless focus on power and energy to the intricate interplay of geopolitics and green reporting, the industry faces a pivotal year where strategic choices will shape the future of infrastructure. Mark Kidd, EVP & GM, […]

Deep Dive: John Thompson, Managing Director, Advanced Power Technology

We ‘Deep Dive’ with John Thompson, Managing Director, Advanced Power Technology, who tells us about life inside and outside the office. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the data centre industry?  There have been so many and most I can’t talk about due to the confidentiality around the client and the […]

If the energy crisis is over, why are data centre operators still paying more?

Data centre operators and owners are facing a huge challenge when it comes to energy prices. Despite the energy crisis becoming less prevalent, many are still being charged more than double the normal cost for their next electricity contract. Mark Callaway, Consultant at Noveus Energy, looks at the reasons why, and what companies can do […]

Anticipating the future: Predictions on the transition to infrastructure platforms

Autumn Stanish, Senior Principal Analyst, Gartner, shares predictions that shed light on the dynamic landscape of infrastructure platforms and operations. The shift towards infrastructure platforms promises not only increased efficiency and sustainability but also a more holistic and outcome-driven approach to technology management, and as organisations adapt to these changes, they will be better positioned […]

A time for certainty: How OCP assists colocation facilities  

With AI-fuelled HPC in big demand, Paul Mellon, Operations Director, Stellium Datacenters, tells us why Open Compute’s OCP-Ready certification is the key to keeping colocation data centres and their users in step. Not too long ago, a data centre – albeit a fairly small one – might be considered to be a cluster of 50 […]

Navigating Africa’s data centre boom amidst grid challenges and environmental opportunities

Despite the power and connectivity challenges, Africa is an emerging powerhouse that will thrive on innovation in the data centre industry. Ed Ansett, Founder & Chairman, i3 Solutions Group, explains why the region’s digital growth is an opportunity to think resourcefully about design and act differently in data centre operations. Two of Africa’s biggest economies […]

Balancing net zero data centre growth with sustainable legislation

Malcolm Howe, Technical Partner, Critical Systems, Cundall, underscores the crucial role of ecological strategies in propelling us towards greener operations and securing a competitive edge. Though a steady pace has its merits for longevity, perhaps now is the moment to break into a sprint. The scrutiny of data centres is rising, which is driven by […]

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