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First impressions – from sustainability and AI to the talent shortage, how will today’s challenges affect the data centres of the future?

In this opinion article, Mark Yeeles, VP for Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division in the UK and Ireland shares his first impressions of the data centre industry and its key challenges including the sustainability and the energy crisis, increased demands for digitisation, and the need to both attract and retain talent. Data centres are undoubtedly […]

How can we persuade consumers to use less data in order to relieve the pressure on data centres?

The amount of data in existence today is inevitably placing huge amounts of pressure on data centre facilities. Mark Molyneux, EMEA CTO at Cohesity, discusses ESG research, commissioned by Cohesity, which explores data growth rates at more than 3,000 organisations reported that: 39% of the companies surveyed saw data volumes increase by up to 20% […]

Shifting to the cloud and how enterprises can achieve their data goals

As organisations attempt to efficiently store and operationalise data, understanding how to transition to the cloud is a critical initial step. Vincent Gaorekwe, CTO at BITanium, tells Intelligent CIO Africa and Intelligent Data Centres about how companies can cope and succeed in an ever-changing data landscape. What are key motivators driving organisations’ decisions to shift […]

Edge Computing: Supporting resilient production supply chains

Supply chains have come into sharp focus in recent times, as weather, world and geopolitical events have shown how easily even global links can be reconfigured or halted. Transparency, visibility, and resilience have never been more important. Natalya Makarochkina , Senior Vice President, Secure Power Division, International Operations, Schneider Electric discussed those characteristics and how […]

Deep Dive: Stefano Maccaglia, Practice Manager Incident Response, NetWitness.

Deep Dive: Jon Pettitt, CEO, Excool

Data centres are the power behind our everyday necessities

Thiani Ramaya, Business Practice Lead for Microsoft at Westcon-Comstor, discusses how Microsoft data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town provide 24/7 support for critical services in South Africa. With the help of data centres, we can take advantage of many conveniences in our everyday lives. They are the physical infrastructure behind cloud computing. In South Africa, […]

Deep Dive: Andrew Froehlich, President of Westgate Networks and Lisa Schwartz, Director of product marketing, AEM

Erudit AI: The phenomenon of quiet quitting and how companies can build a healthier employee culture 

In the age of remote working, quiet quitting is a phenomenon that companies all around the world must grapple with. Alejandro Martinez, CEO and Co-founder at Erudit, tells Mrigaya Dham about how having the correct employee feedback tools in place can empower organisations to retain and motivate their top talent, and stay ahead of their […]

Deep Dive: Kamel Al-Tawil, Managing Director, MENA, Equinix

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